10 BEST Phone Holders for Bed Lazy People Should Own

BEST Phone Holders for Bed Lazy People Ever since smartphones entered our world, they have become a part of us. From daily calls, emails, and entertainment to reading a book or analyzing a plant, phones can accomplish almost any task imaginable. Part of the smartphone revolution is the emergence of accessories that make them more reliable. These accessories make our activities with our smartphones easier and more seamless. They even make us look more professional, such as when vlogging or taking selfies and group photos.

Some of the most common activities that we do with our smartphones are watching videos and movies. And there are many cases where the experience would be improved if one could watch hands-free with the help of a phone holder, e.g., when following a cooking recipe from YouTube or watching a movie while lying in bed.

Now, if your main goal is to binge-watch a series from Netflix, phone holders made for bed are the best choice for you. Before checking out the best phone holder for bed models, let us know what should you look out for when buying one.

What to Look For in a Phone Holder For Bed

B-Land Phone Holder for Bed



You want a holder that you can use for a long time. Choose materials that can withstand any situation, such as spills, pet chew, rust, and breakage, to name a few. A phone holder for bed usage should be stable and durable.



Even if it is intended to be used for beds, your holder should also fit your sofa or table. The clamp should be suitable for most of your furniture where you will use the holder.

It should also fit several models and sizes of smartphones. If you are lucky, some holders can fit your tablet or iPad too. A versatile phone holder for the bed is a necessity for spending quality time.



We all want products that give value to our money. But remember, even if a product is expensive, it does not mean that it is of high quality. The same goes for its inexpensive version. Read reviews and choose a product that will match your budget.



Choose a stand that will go well with your phone and furniture. If you wish for your holder to stand out, choose a bright color. If possible, look for ergonomic designs so they will also be comfortable.


Now that you know what to consider when buying phone holders for bed, let us take a look at our top 10 picks. You can also check out our list of car phone holder models if you’re looking to secure your device while driving.

10 BEST Phone Holders for Bed Lazy People

1. B-Land Gooseneck Phone Holder

With over 600 reviews on Amazon, this would be the crowd’s favorite. The improved design upgraded the length from 120 cm to 140 cm. It is also covered with silicone for comfort. For the bed, you can put it around your neck and mimic the way you watch television. You can also use it as a stand on desks or wrap it around the steering wheel of your car or bicycle.

It can fit from 2.2 inches to 3.4 inches of phone width. You can also use it as a selfie stick as it comes with a wireless remote.

This phone holder costs below $25.



It is flexible and can multi-task.


Weird feeling around the neck when used in bed. If you use it as a stand, it will not be sturdy because of your mattress.


Check out this product from B-Land

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and enjoy watching shows on your device without straining your neck.

2. Moutik Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder Mount

This bed phone holder stand can change its position and angle easily. You can go hands-free for all the activities you wanted to do — watching Netflix, cooking, studying, video-calling, and others. The aluminum-magnesium alloy and PVC make the product flexible and durable at the same time.

The total length of the adjustable arm is 37.4 inches. Compared to other phone holders that use a clamp, the Moutik Gooseneck Phone Holder uses a stable bolt clamp that can firmly be installed on any surface. Don’t worry about furniture scratches as it has a rubber pad.



The mount is sturdy.


It is not flexible as it needs to be bolted on a solid surface.


Check out the Moutik Gooseneck Holder today

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3. Feng Creative Lazy Bracket

If you have a table or nightstand, this is an alternative for all standard phone holders’ designs. It has suction cups that can stick to any flat surface. The unique design makes it perfect to use for kids’ study rooms whenever they use their tablet to study or watch.

The deformation function is soft and flexible, adapts to different environments, and arbitrarily changes to multiple angles, so you can enjoy it at your own pace. It has a high-elasticity rubber, better durability, fantastic shape, and an integrated bracket.

This phone holder can fit multiple devices such as iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and more. Just ensure that your device is less than 7.8 inches wide.

This phone holder costs below $36 and comes in a variety of colors. It also comes with Bluetooth remote control for hands-free control.



It is flexible and durable.


The design is for kids only, and the price is on the expensive side.


Check out this product from Feng today

Read More Reviews and secure your phone in a very fun way.

4. B-Land Cell Phone Holder

When you get two products for the price of one, that usually is a good business decision. If you want a phone holder that can hold other devices such as your game console, then this is an excellent buy for you. The adjustable stand can fit a Nintendo Switch unit and all sizes of smartphones and tablets, even with the case.

Free your hands from watching in your bedroom, living room, and even car. The B-Land phone holder has an ergonomic design that can be adjustable to any shape. It is made with 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy, so it is stable and steady.

This product is bundled with a cellphone stand that fits the same types of devices as the B-Land. This one is perfect if you do not want to wrap the B-Land around your neck. You can use it while filming or taking a video call from the table.

Since this is compact, you can also bring it anywhere, especially on long trips.



You get two products in one purchase.


It is not 100% made with aluminum-magnesium.


Check out this offering from B-Land today

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and enjoy using your phone without straining your neck and back.

5. tobeNtech – Stable 360 Swivel Folding Tablet Holder

If you are not feeling the B-Land holders’ vibe, you can opt to use a proper phone/tablet holder instead. It can be used on any 4-inch to 11-inch phone and tablet. It is also highly flexible with a 14.17-inch aluminum arm with 360-degree rotation and a multi-angle foldable frame.

It features an ergonomic design that’s easy to set up to lessen neck and back fatigue. You can use it anywhere for whatever purpose you need.



The product is sturdy and structured.


Design-wise, only one color is available.


Check out this product on Amazon today

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to enjoy an adjustable phone holder.

6. Suneegral Tablet Floor Stand, Tablet Holder

The first few holders we featured are either a gooseneck or tabletop type. For this product, it is a full-on floor stand made with lightweight metal. Its adjustable mount is ideal and comfortable, with rolling, viewing, and rotating angles for the perfect visual angle when watching movies in bed, typing, reading an e-book on a table, or playing games on the floor. The Display Holder clamp fits tablets, phones, and e-readers under 12.2 inches in the outline dimension.

This tablet holder has a four-corner design perfect for uneven floors, providing stability when using it for your activities. The material is lightweight and can be folded perfectly for traveling.



It is lightweight and stable.


It eats up too much space.


Check out this awesome tablet stand from Suneegral today

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and enjoy watching movies from your tablet minus the hassle.

7. Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

If you want a smaller phone and tablet holder, then this flap design is perfect for you. With this phone holder, you can experience better viewing of videos as it allows you to relax and not strain your neck and back. You can even attach this product to the back of plane seats and tray tables.



This product is lightweight, which gives it excellent portability. It’s travel-friendly.


The size is fixed.


Check out the Flight Flap today

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to enjoy watching from your phone while on a plane trip.

8. xcivi Phone Tablet to Laptop Clip

This holder will provide an extension screen to your laptop. If you are working in your bedroom, you do not need to have a cluttered space. It is easy to install and use, and makes it easy to access your mobile phone. It is especially useful for video chats or web conferences while your laptop is occupied with other tasks. This is an excellent work-from-home accessory.

It is compatible with all phones, tablets, monitors, and laptops with a thickness of less than 0.4 inch/10mm.



It is very useful as a work companion, especially in multi-tasking.


The clips may not have a firm grip, which makes the phone slip out.


Check out this product today

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and keep your phone or tablet near you in case of important calls and messages.

9. iPad Bed & Lap Stand by iProp

If you are looking for a hip and easy-to-carry phone and tablet stand, then you should check out this bean bag-inspired holder. It conforms to any surface, which makes it a great tool to have when you’re watching videos anywhere. It can mount your device in portrait or landscape mode.

Its non-slip silicone shelf holds almost any tablet and even tablets with cases on — anything under 18 mm (or the diameter of a US dime) should fit, including all versions of the iPad. The mesh is a breathable micro-bead base, which is detachable and machine washable. The bag can be unzipped, which can act as a convenient carrying compartment for charging cords, earbuds, or small items.



It is easily adjustable to virtually any viewing angle (below 90 degrees, it does not grip your device).

It has a convenient carrying handle for easy portability.


It may not be sturdy to be used long-term.


Check out this iProp product

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and enjoy your iPad in a secure way.

10. Aduro U-Grip Tablet Stand Holder

Simple and straightforward with over a thousand reviews on Amazon, this tablet stand holder is the perfect buddy for work and study. It has a rotating grip stand that fits 7″ to 10″ tablets. It has an adjustable 360-degree rotation that will allow portrait and landscape orientation. The expandable grip allows you to fit any size of tablets up to 10 inches. This tablet stand also has a lock button that will secure your device.



It is a stable tabletop holder.


It’s suited for tablets or larger phones.


Check out this Aduro product

Read More Reviews to further enjoy viewing videos from your iPad or tablet.

Why Get a Phone Holder for Bed Use?

A phone stand will give your hands a rest while keeping you organized. It can also do a lot for your phone/tablet’s safety as it prevents your phone from accidentally falling. Your phone will be kept clean too while providing comfort and productivity.

Here are more added benefits to getting a phone holder for bed use:



It is exhausting to hold your phone while you watch a video, have a video chat, or something else. Phones nowadays are not as small as they were first launched. Your arms and neck will be so happy if you choose to put it on a stand.



If you are driving or traveling using your phone, putting it on a stand will keep you and your phone safe. This doesn’t mean you can use it while driving. We highly discourage using your phone while driving unless solely for GPS.



When on deep work, it is advisable to keep your hand off your phone. If your phone is part of your work or study, have it professionally placed so you are distracted and will only use it for its purpose.



If you are using your phone to watch recipes or other DIY activities, you should get a stand. You do not want to spill anything on it or smash it while trying to copy the video you are watching. It will also make your workspace less cluttered because your phone will have its dedicated space.

Phone stands and holders indeed are some of the most overlooked accessories. You will never know you need it unless you encounter a situation where the only way is to put your phone on the stand. They also help with zoning your work as you can dedicate each device to perform a specific task. Laptop for your main screen, tablet as your second screen, and your phone for communications.

There is so much you can do if you are lazy to hold your phone all day. From $9, you can get a phone holder that will do the job. Or you can invest in a heavy-duty holder to become a staple part of your daily routine.

If you want to check more articles on mobile accessories like shotgun microphones and the best phone grips, you can check out our page that talks about the topic.

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