10 Best Sword Enchantments In Minecraft

Minecraft has a massive 126 million+ monthly active users across all platforms, and it’s only growing every year. Building tools, weapons, defenses, and exploring your won world makes Minecraft stand out among others and gives you unlimited trill.

You can use almost anything as a weapon in Minecraft. You can either melee attack the mobs or make your swords most effective during the fight to kill them. Fighting with mobs using random block designs works even you can use a fishing rod. Still, the best weapon you can have is a sword for the most severe damage.

Each sword has a specific usage threshold before it breaks; for example, you can use a diamond sword a total of 1562 times. But you can extend the durability of a sword by repairing the sword or via enchantment .


In this post, you will read about how to improve your sword and make it more powerful with the best sword enchantments in Minecraft.

What are the advantages of Sword enchantments in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there’s already plenty going on in player bases, so having powerful tools & weapons makes things easier in terms of defense and damage. Enhancing weapons increase longevity as well as uncover special abilities.

The key benefits of Sword enchantment on Minecraft are –

  • The player can fight against big mobs with an enchanced Sword.
  • Enchanced sword reduces the risks of player being damaged.
  • Enchancing sword will unlock additional enchanments suitable for certain situations.

How Many Enchantments Can a Sword Have?

You have the freedom to use different number of enchantments on a sword depending on your needs but there is a limitation on how many. You can’t use some enchantments simultaneously because of compatibility.

The purpose of the enchantments should be clear when apply these on a sword, to make it effective, durable and long-lasting.

Best Sword Enchantments In Minecraft

Let’s find out the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft in descending order of max possible level.

  • 1. Bane of Arthropods (Max level: 5)
  • 2. Smite (Max level: 5)
  • 3. Sharpness (Max level: 5)
  • 4. Looting (Max level: 3)
  • 5. Unbreaking (Max Level: 3)
  • 6. Sweeping Edge (Max level: 3)
  • 7. Fire Aspect (Max level: 2)
  • 8. Knockback (Max level: 2)
  • 9. Curse of Vanishing (Max level: 1)
  • 10. Mending

1. Bane of Arthropods (Max level: 5)

When you want to be most efficient in killing arthropods mobs in Minecraft, the Bane of Arthropods sword enchantment is perfect. Arthropods are mainly spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, bees, mites, and other insects.

Each level of this enchantment on a sword adds 2.5× 1.25 extra damage to arthropods. This enchantment also causes slowness to arthropods up to 3.5 seconds when at max level (5).

2. Smite (Max level: 5)

Smite is another enchantment available for swords to increase the hit rate to undead mobs such as skeletons, zombies, etc. Like Bane of Arthropods, Smite‘s highest level is 5.

Each level of Smite increases 2.5× 1.25 extra damage per hit to the undead mobs.

Smite and BoA are mutually exclusive, but you can apply both on the same sword the effect might stack.

Damage per hit with Smite enchantment on different swords:

  • Woorden sword – base damage increases from 6.5 up to 16.5 with smite level 5.
  • Gold sowrd – base damage increases from 6.5 with smite level 1 upto 16.5 with smite level 5.
  • Stone sword – base damage increases from 7.5 with smite level 1 up to 17.5 with max level.
  • Iron sword – damage goes up to 18.5 with max level smite enchantment.
  • Diamond sword – damage reaches up to 19.5 with max level smite enchantment.
  • Netherite sword – Base damage increase from 10.5 up to 20.5 when max smite is applied.

3. Sharpness (Max level: 5)


Sharpness is one of the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft, although Sharpness can be applied to Axe like the previous two enchantments. Sharpness increases melee damage.

In the Java edition, Sharpness enchantment sums 0.5 * level + 0.5 extra damage, whereas, in the Bedrock Edition, every level of Sharpness enchantment adds 1.25 extra damage.

A player will require Anvil to apply the highest level of Sharpness to a wooden, stone, iron, diamond, or netherite weapon. For golden weapons, Sharpness V can be obtained through enchanting. Sharpness is effective against all kind of mobs.

When shaprness is applied to swords:

  • Wooden & gold swords – base damage increases from 4 up to 7 when Sharpness level 5 applied.
  • Stone sword – damage increases from 6 up to 8 for maximum level of Sharpness.
  • Iron sword – damage increases from 7 up to 9 at Sharpness max level.
  • Diamond sword – damage level increases from 8 to 10 when maxed.
  • Netherite sword – damage increases from 9 up to 11 for maximum level of Sharpness.

How To Get Sharpness Enchantment?

You need to have an enchantment book to reach max Sharpness. The following items are necessary to get this done.

  • 1 Book
  • 3 Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a mineral that can power your enchanting table. To get it you need to craft, mine and smelt with any fuel available. Next mining bookshelves will give you an enchanted book.

Once you have mined an enchantment book, open the crafting table and put your enchanted book there. Next, select Sharpness from your inventory and enchant your sword with Sharpness. You can reach up to level 5 on Sharpness.

4. Looting (Max level: 3)

Looting is equivalent to the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft used on pickaxes and shovels for mining purposes. However, looting enchantment on Sword increases the number of drops from killed mobs.

The player will be able to collect more items from the mobs also increases the chance of rare drops.’

Looting enchantment increases the maximum number of items for most common drops by 1 per level. The chance of uncommon drop also increases with a second attempt to drop if the original drop attempt fails. The success likelihood of the second attempt is level / (level + 1)

  • Looting has no effect on Mobs with no drops, such as bats, endermites and bees.
  • Looting also does not increases the amount of dropped fishes by fish mobs.
  • Looting has not effect on the amount of wool dropped by sheeps.

How to Get Max Looting Enchantment?

First of all you need to have the Looting enchantment for your sword. Additionally, you must get books in your inventory for this enchantment. Then combining the boojs with Looting enchantment will earn Looting III for your sword.

Another way to get Looting III is by setting up a villager’s farm.

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5. Unbreaking (Max Level: 3)

Unbreaking is probably one of the most essential and best Sword enchantments in Minecraft. You must use this enchantment to your swords if you want them to last. Although Unbreaking does reduce the chance of weapon breaking, it can’t make any weapon everlasting.

Unbreaking can also use this enchantment on armours, weapons, shears, and fishing rods.

The probability of a tool breaking after a particular number of uses can be varied from lower to higher durability materials. Some lower durability materials might last longer than higher durable materials.

With this enchantment, on average, tools last level + 1 time more extended. This enchantment is rarely compatible means you won’t be able to use this enchantment along with most of the other enchantments.

To earn Unbreaking enchantment on your sword:

  • You will have to find an enchanted book by fishing with a fishing rod.
  • You can find this inside a chest.
  • You can make a villager trading farm and then keep on breaking and changing your lectern. Repeating this process will you get your desired enchantment.

6. Sweeping Edge (Max level: 3)

Sweeping Edge enchantment increases sweep attack damages. The benefit of this enchantment depends on in-game situations. After this enchantment, damage dealt with mobs by each hit increases 50%/67%/75% of the regular sword’s attack damage for all three levels.

Those enemies who didn’t receive any direct hit by the sword are not going to be affected. Sweeping Edge enchantment is available only in the Java version of Minecraft.

The maximum level of this enchantment will increase sword damage, i.e., this enchantment is perfect if the player has weak sweep attacks that take longer to cause enough damage. The highest level of a sweeping edge is 3.

7. Fire Aspect (Max level: 2)

Fire Aspect is an exciting and one of the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft. Fire aspect can only apply this enchantment to Swords in Minecraft. When applied, the sword attack will set enemies on fire. Although, fire aspect swords will not impact mobs that are found in the Nether.

Fire Aspect enchantment increases fire-ticks by 80 (4 seconds of burning) per level to the target. With this enchantment on the sword, the target receives three damage with level I and seven damage with level II, respectively.

Fire Aspect forces a mob to drop cooked meat if he usually drops meat when killed. In case the mob is in water, it does not change.

A fire aspect sword can also be used to light candles, campfires, and ignite blocks on TNT. To be aware, you can accidentally set your player with Fire aspect swords while fighting against enemies.

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8. Knockback (Max level: 2)

Knockback can only use knockback on Swords, and it increases a sword’s knockback capacity. This enchantment is perfect for creating space for your player to survive when surrounded by hordes of zombies & easily one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft.

Each level of Knockback enchantment increases three blocks ranging from the base knockback. The highest number of blocks it can add is six without commands.

Knockback on diamond swords can add 1.6 attack speed and seven attack damage when on the highest level, II. For a similar effect on the bow, you can use Punch enchantment which applies knockback to the arrows shot.

9. Curse of Vanishing (Max level: 1)


Curse of Vanishing is one of the best sword enchantments in Minecraft. Not only swords, but this enchantment is also compatible with the most significant number of different items such as defence, attack, and directional items.

This is the perfect way to avoid costly death. If your player dies, this enchantment will disappear your items and protect those from being taken by other players. This enchantment is a must-have enchantment in PvP battles to protect your items.

Note that the items will not vanish if you have dropped them manually or kept them on your chest before death. This enchantment has a max level of 1.

If you are playing on single-player hardcore difficulty, Curse of Vanishing will not help cause death is permanent.

10. Mending


Mending is considered the best enchantment in Minecraft by many people cause it helps to increase the overall longevity of items using experience. This enchantment restores persistence using XP orbs, and those who have XPs farms can repair their items that have this enchantment.

You can apply mending to swords and other items in the game which have durability elements. The rate of repair is two durabilities, each point of experience that is contained in the orb. During restoration, the experience left in the orb is appended to the player’s total experience.

Mending does not apply to items that are not damaged or fully repaired. Random items chosen to be repaired do not have any effect on the durability of those items.

Mending is a treasure enchantment, and you can obtain it from chest loot, raids, fishing, or trading.


Minecraft craze is only increasing day by day and new updates and patches are consistently coming to the game. This list of best sword enchantments in Minecraft will be updated equally. Stay tuned 🙂

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