Top Picks for The Best AirPods Cases in 2021

Apple AirPods are becoming popular because of their Best AirPods Cases features. Before AirPods and wireless earbuds, people were using wired headphones that were plugged through an audio jack. This can lead to wires getting tangled with each other if not stored properly. But, the main problem with these Apple devices is they might get lost if they were stored randomly. That is why an AirPods case is very important especially for Apple device users.

Rather than just placing them inside your bag, you can now store your device with security. We’ll discuss the best AirPods case models available in the market today.

Best AirPods Case Models Available Today


Spigen Tough Armor AirPods Case

This Spigen product is a durable AirPods case that you can get today. It’s completely shockproof and scratch-resistant. It can still support wireless charging regardless of how thick it is. You can also clip it anywhere with its carabiner. However, it’s not water-resistant and it’s also quite bulky.

Check out this durable AirPods case



Catalyst Waterproof Case

The Catalyst Waterproof Case offers the most protection without being thick and bulky. It looks very sleek and is very light and thin. It can also support wireless charging and shine the charging light through it. But unlike the Elago case, this case is completely waterproof and it has a carabiner.

Check out this case today on Amazon and protect your AirPods from potential water damage.


LAUT Capsule IMPKT for AirPods


The LAUT Capsule IMPKT for AirPods is very different from the other tough cases. It looks really nice, too. The case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane that protects your AirPods from impact. It supports both wired and wireless charging. It’s a good heavy-duty option with a nice design.

Check out the LAUT Capsule IMPKT today and add an added layer of security when you store your AirPods.


ICARERGenuine Leather AirPods Case


A classy option is the Icarer leather case. It merges practicality and style in their genuine leather case for Apple’s AirPods. This case feels as good on the hands as it looks. It also covers your whole device so protection is quite promising. This case has a steel clasp attachment so you can clip it anywhere without having to worry about losing it.

Check out this leather case and get a stylish way of storing your device.


GAZE Metallic Case

This case stands out from the rest with its very shiny appearance. But it doesn’t look or feel cheap at all! It offers protection from bumps and drops for your device. This case also allows you to charge your device while it is stored in it. A perfect case for those that prefer metallic colors.

Check out this product on Amazon and charge your device while they are stored inside the case.


Twelve South AirSnap

The Twelve South AirSnap case is another sophisticated genuine leather option. It’s very different from the Icarer case because of its different snap-on design. It also has a metal clasp attached to make it easy for you to bring around. With three different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a color for you.

Check out the AirSnap case and get a stylish way of storing your AirPods.


Elago Silicone AirPods Case Cover

A sleeker and more low-profile option is this case from Elago. It protects your device from nicks and scratches and can easily slide into your bag or pocket. It’s very light and thin, so carrying it around is no problem. It doesn’t interfere with wireless charging either. But it’s not completely drop-resistant. Since it’s very thin, the protection is also quite limited and the lid can fall off, too. For a budget case, it’s still a good option.

Check out this case from Elago and protect your AirPods from scratches.


Ringke AirPods Case

Another sleek and low-profile option is this case from Ringke.  The silicone isn’t like other rubber silicone cases that stick, so it’s also easy to slide into your pocket. It offers protection from minor drops and nicks and scratches. But unlike the Elago case, the lid is attached to the body of the case so you won’t lose the lid. It also has a carabiner attachment so you hook or hang it anywhere and not worry about it getting lost.

Color options are more limited, however. But it’s a nice and simple case that does the job.

Check out this case today and protect your device from possible scratches.


PodSkinz Case

The PodSkinz case is another low-key and sleek option. But unlike the Rinke and Ringke and Elago cases, the LED charging light is visible on this one. This case also has many color variants to choose from. And it has two styles: with and without an attachment for a carabiner. The lid is attached to the body, so you won’t lose any of the parts while it’s inside your bag or pocket. This is also a very affordable option especially for those who are trying to stay on a budget.

Check out this product from PodSkinz and store your devices in a secure container.


ZenPod Spinning Case

A more novelty option is the spinning case by ZenPod.  It looks classy and sophisticated like the Icarer case, made with leather. It’s also sure to protect your AirPods because of the all-around leather coverage. But the biggest difference is the aluminum spinner on the outside. You can use it as a fidget spinner when you’re bored and you just want to play around with something. It also doesn’t have a metal clasp like the Icarus.

Check out this offering from ZenPod and store your device with class and sophistication.


Lupct Case

If you want to add a little playfulness to your AirPods cases, this is the one for you. Boasting a wide array of characters from your childhood, Lupct’s cases are functional and playful. You can choose from numerous designs which can also make you nostalgic about your childhood memories.

Check out these cute cases now and store your device while showcasing your favorite character.


Tefeca Fluffy Case

The Tefeca Fluffy AirPods case is a fun way to dress up your device. This case is very soft to the touch and quite the novelty item to start a conversation with your friend. When you take it out, it’s a very distinct-looking case that is unmistakably adorable! It protects your device from dirt, dust, and scratches. But it offers minimal impact protection and is quite hard to clean.

Check out this case today and stand out from the crowd with this product’s cuteness.


What To Look For When buying Best AirPods Cases?


For the best protection with waterproof capabilities, we highly recommend the Catalyst case. It’s sleeker and handier than Spigen’s and is completely weather-proof. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to get one that suits you.



The Icarer Genuine Leather Case wins for the classiest-looking case around. It looks and feels nice and is made well. It’s well worth the money because of the all-around protection it offers and builds quality. The metal clasp attached is very useful


Sleek and Simple

The winner for the sleek and simple case would have to be the Rinke case. Ringke is known to make high-quality products, so this case won’t disappoint you. If you don’t want a flashy case and you just want to protect your AirPods from minor impacts, then this is the case for you!



The winner for the best novelty is the ZenPod Spinning case. It’s a two-in-one case that not only protects your device but also doubles as a fidget spinner when you’re bored. It looks and feels sturdy while also helping you get through awkward moments or just boredom.


Our Verdict

There are many different AirPods cases available that have different features and aesthetics. What you end up buying will all still be up to you. But this article is just a guide to help you find the best deals for different purposes.


What is Apple AirPods?

AirPods are the pioneer of the true wireless earbuds craze. It was released in 2017 and has raised the bar high in the true wireless stereo market. Its case doubles as a charging case. In the newer models, wireless charging is even supported. We are reaching a point in technology where wires are no longer to be fiddled with.

These earbuds pair with your device easily by opening its case and pushing a button to pair for the first time. After the first pairing, everything else works automatically. It works well with Siri to control your music. However, wireless earphones don’t come cheap. It has improved features and a case that doubles as a charger and it costs a large sum of cash. With that amount, you’ll want to make sure that your new device is well-protected. If you’re looking to get a pair of these, check them out on Amazon and never worry about cables again.

Apple AirPods

Why Get a Case for your AirPods?

Getting nicks on your precious AirPods’ charging case can be frustrating. The occasional drops can also result in easy wear and tear of your gadget. It’s good to invest in a good protective case for your device and make it last longer. Cases protect your beloved device and improve its overall durability. These products also allow you to rest easy and never worry about misplacing your AirPods again.


What Are the Different Features of AirPods cases?

There are different types of cases available in the market with different designs. Some have added features like a belt clip, a strap for your device. There’s even a fidget spinner for when you’re bored. But whatever case you’re getting, the added features are just extras. At the end of the day, the main purpose of using a case is to protect your gadget and prolong its life.

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