20 Best Android tablets of 2021: which should you buy?

There are many brands and types of best Android tablets on the market, but not all of them are created equally. We’re going to take a look at some of the best Android tablets available today.
What’s your favorite type of tablet? A Windows-based tablet or an Apple iPad? Personally, I prefer Android because it is more affordable and has an open-source platform that allows me to customize my device how I see fit. What about you? What kind of tablet do you have in mind for yourself this year?

Our Top Choices for best Android Tablet

Choosing a tablet might be a chore for some of us. You might want something for your work or school. Tablets for entertainment or Android e-readers might be your thing, too. Worry no more. Here are our top 20 tablets that will fit every lifestyle and budget you have.


1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

We all know it. Samsung is the direct competitor of Apple when it comes to tablets. This year, their main player is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. Its flagship specs will surely blow away any prospective buyers. It has a Snapdragon 865+ processor that will breeze through any tasks at hand. For sure, any videos and games played with this Android tablet will be buttery smooth, thanks to its 2800 x 1752 screen combined with a 120 Hz refresh rate. What makes it more drooling is the slew of accessories you can use with this tablet. There’s your S Pen located under its camera module and a keyboard that can be bought separately. Perhaps, this is the all-in-one Android tablet you are looking for.


  • Beefy processor and RAM
  • 120 Hz screen refresh rate
  • First-party accessories are available
  • Large 256 GB storage


  • Too expensive for casual users
  • Humongous for handheld mode


2. Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

Being broke does not mean you cannot get a premium tablet. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is the most premium tablet you can get from Amazon. You’ve got an octa-core processor, HD screen, and a USB Type-C port. It also has a big battery that can last up to 13 hours. This is more than enough for your movies and ebooks.

The only caveat we see, along with other Fire tablets, is the absence of the Google Play Store. So if you still want that vanilla Android experience, you’ll be stuck with the offers from Samsung and other unknown brands.


  • The most worthy Kindle tablet of them all
  • USB Type-C port (finally)
  • Great Alexa integration


  • No Google Play support
  • Mediocre loudspeaker performance


3. Huawei MatePad Pro

One of the premium-looking tablets today is the Huawei MatePad Pro. Its big screen and metal finish are a true stunner. It even weighs lighter than the iPad Pro. The choices of color are truly modern as well.

And it’s not just about the looks that make it premium. The specs are truly amazing, too. It has got a HiSilicon Kirin 990 combined with 6 GB RAM. It also has a 2560 x 1600 screen that can render high-resolution graphics smoothly. You can also purchase a separate keyboard case and stylus for extra productivity.

But with the Huawei ban in the US, it will be a hard task to get a hold of Google Play Store’s apps and services. Don’t fret though. Your typical Android apps can be downloaded using their AppGallery. You can also install third-party market apps, but be cautious of the security risks behind these apps.


  • A great iPad alternative
  • Big 2K screen with a metallic finish
  • Affordable premium Android tablet


  • No Play Store apps and support
  • Absence of a headphone jack
  • Accessories need to be optimized


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Want a smaller variant of the Galaxy Tab S7+? We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It has got the same features as the S7+ yet is a little bit more compact. It may be smaller in size but don’t underestimate its performance. For instance, you’ve got a Snapdragon 865+ that is one of the most advanced chipsets for phones today. You’ll also get a decent space of storage: up to 512 GB of kind space. What’s better is that you can further beef up that space by adding up to 1 TB of microSD card. Now that’s one big storage of your media library for your entertainment.


  • High-end PC-like storage space
  • High-end performance
  • Huge screen yet lightweight
  • DeX compatibility


  • Sluggish UI makes the processor somewhat underperforming
  • Highly-priced for your entertainment needs


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Yesterday’s tech does not always mean outdated tech. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is surely an irresistible Android tablet. Its thin profile and blazingly fast Snapdragon 855 processor will make you buy this Android tablet. It also has four speakers made by AKG and has Dolby Atmos software. This will make any media consumption truly enjoyable. The absence of a headphone jack might turn you away, though. So prepare a nice pair of true wireless earbuds for your personal entertainment.

The storage of this tablet also gives you more space for your movies, music, and work files you may be working on. If you are looking for a more affordable option, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the right all-in-one tablet for you.


  • Battery-efficient AMOLED display
  • Large storage capacity with expandable option
  • S-Pen included with the purchase
  • Great laptop alternative


  • Expensive for a 2019 tablet
  • Only LTE connectivity with the advent of 5G internet


6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Need a lighter option that is also light on the budget? The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite gives you just the right specs for the right price. Its battery life can guarantee you last up to 12 hours. The thin bezels and AKG speakers around it make it more appealing to your entertainment fix. And of course, you’ve got your S Pen with you. Doodling or just jotting down important notes is made easier with this Android tablet. Just watch out for those frame drops for their performance is sluggish on switching apps and games.


  • More compact size
  • Fair price against its competition
  • Decent battery life


  • Slow processor
  • No fingerprint scanner
  • Absence of the DeX feature


7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Maybe you just want an Android tablet that has the display of the Galaxy Tab S7 but doesn’t break the bank. Then you’ve got yourself a Galaxy Tab S5e. This Android tablet is like the Galaxy Tab S7 since it has the same display DNA as the said tablet: a 2560 x 1600 resolution, four AKG speakers, a fingerprint sensor, and expandable storage. It’s like this is the most reliable entertainment device for your everyday entertainment needs.

However, if you’re on a hunt for an Android tablet that doubles as a drawing tablet, then this tablet is not catered for you. It doesn’t support the S Pen which is a bit of a letdown, especially if you are looking for a multifunctional tablet.


  • High-resolution graphics
  • Four AKG loudspeakers that are truly high quality
  • Expandable storage of up to 512 GB


  • No S Pen and keyboard cover support
  • Underwhelming processor performance


8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Everyone just wants a little bit of “me time” on movies. When someone is using the TV, then get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. Its 10.1-inches screen is wide enough for your everyday movies and video fix. When your movie stash on your tablet isn’t enough, you can chuck in additional storage into it: a maximum of 512 GB storage. Who says you’ll run out of space for movies with this tablet?

Sadly, this tablet is made more like a miniatured Android TV. Its processor is not powerful enough to handle multiple tasks and apps simultaneously. Add to the fact that there’s no S Pen or Samsung’s keyboard cover support for this tablet. Its large screen would have been a perfect drawing tablet, for instance. Therefore, this is more inclined towards people who just want to consume entertainment in their free time.


  • Large HD screen
  • Chunky 6150 mAh battery
  • Fair price for a tablet dedicated to entertainment


  • Processor performance is not recommended for gaming
  • No S Pen and keyboard cover support


9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Portability means everything for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. Its small size may be outdated for today’s standard of a tablet, but it surely packs easily on your bag. This is a great tablet for those who want the aesthetics of an iPad mini but with a powerful Android OS under the hood. It’s also great for first-time tablet users. Its compact size is enough for your full high-definition Netflix or YouTube binge-watching. The price, you may ask? It’s below $200. Now that’s an awesome deal for your entertainment needs.

If you’re more used to bezel-less devices, you’ll find this tablet’s bezel somewhat bothering your viewing pleasure. Better save up a little more if you don’t want any thick bezels on your tablet.


  • Affordable Samsung entertainment device
  • VoLTE support for LTE variant of the tablet
  • Attractive 1600 x 1200 screen


  • Thick bezels are not that aesthetic for 2020 standards
  • Mediocre gaming performance


10. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

A two-year-old gadget doesn’t mean it’s already ancient tech. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 still rocks as a competitive Android tablet. Just like its high-end younger brothers, you can get the S Pen and keyboard support for this tablet. It also comes with 64 GB of storage, Snapdragon 835, and 6 GB of RAM. It may not be that much by today’s standards but if you’re on a hunt for a Galaxy Tab S7+ cheaper alternative, then this is the one for you.

However, you might be fussed about its laggy interface when going on desktop mode. Its desktop UI is still not that buttery smooth, unlike its younger siblings. Better save up for the higher variants of the Galaxy Tab S series if you don’t want to experience jitters everywhere.


  • Still a solid piece of tech two years since its launch
  • S Pen and keyboard cover support
  • DeX compatibility


  • The laggy interface when in desktop mode
  • Keyboard attachment is optional and pricey


11. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Premium doesn’t always equate with extravaganza. The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus wants you to define premium in a new way: lavish-looking without the hefty price. It has got a 10.3-inch Full HD screen, 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, and Dolby Atmos, speakers. It also is LTE capable, so you can connect to the Internet without depending on public Wi-Fi. What makes this a great tablet is it has a charging dock. Now, you can use this tablet as your kitchen companion or your daily assistant. It has got a Google Assistant in it that makes it just like your typical Google Home device. Ask everything and the tablet (or Google) has the answers.

If Lenovo just crammed more battery in it, this would be a great portable home assistant. But don’t worry about it for it has got a USB Type-C port for your fast charging needs. There’s also a slim chance of getting an OS upgrade with this tablet. If you don’t mind that, then this would be a true steal for its price.


  • A great tablet/home assistant hybrid
  • Charging dock included on purchase
  • A truly affordable Android tablet with a slew of modern features


  • Lack of software support and updates
  • So-so battery life


12. Lenovo Tab M8 FHD

Premium tablets are now made more affordable, thanks to the Lenovo Tab M8 FHD. It has a 1920×1200 resolution and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is slowly dying on modern devices. You can also enjoy marathon entertainment with this tablet because of its 5100 mAh battery that can last up to 18 hours. Add to that is its ability to carry up to a maximum of 2 TB of microSD card storage. Now, that’s one jam-packed entertainment hub for a tablet!

Just don’t expect stellar performance with it during high-performance gaming. You will definitely see stutters and frame drops on games due to its entry-level GPU. Also, you might be disappointed with its sounds, for it has only a single-firing loudspeaker. Better put on some wired earphones with you when playing your movies.


  • Almost pure Android experience
  • Decent 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • Great eight-hour battery life


  • Stuttering gaming performance
  • It only has a micro-USB port
  • Mediocre 2 GB RAM

13. Amazon Fire 8 HD (2021)

If you want a more pocketable version of the Fire HD 10, then get the Amazon Fire HD 8 This tablet showcases almost the same specs as its bigger brother. This is a great, affordable tablet for your everyday online meetings because of its front-facing camera. What’s more, it can be integrated with Alexa, so you can use it as a standalone Echo Dot for your home.

Of course, the plaguing problem of any Amazon tablet is the absence of the Google Play Store. You are isolated from Amazon-dedicated apps.


  • A more compact version of the Kindle 10
  • 1 TB expandable storage
  • Long 12-hour battery life


  • Lack of Google Play Support
  • No 1080p support


14. Amazon Fire 7

If you’re on a really, really, tight budget and you desperately need to buy a decent tablet, Amazon has got your back. The Amazon Fire 7 is perhaps the lowest-priced tablet you can purchase everywhere in the US. Its price, you ask? $50. That is overwhelmingly affordable for a 7-inch tablet. It has got a decent display and storage for your computing needs. This would fit as a great entertainment device as well, with over a hundred thousand selections on your favorite app like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime Video.

With that $50 starting price, expect a lot of drawbacks from this. You won’t definitely get Google Play’s support. And because of its low price point, expect ads on this tablet that you might find bothering.


  • A tablet made for budget-conscious consumers
  • Large 512 GB expandable storage
  • Handsfree Alexa function


  • Laggy performance
  • Absence of Google Play support


15. Leapfrog Epic Academy Edition

Training a toddler may be a real joy (or headache) for parents. Of course, we want to add some learning aid for our child. The Leapfrog Epic Academy Edition tablet is a great addition to children’s learning. It has got the most essential apps for the education of your child. And don’t worry about its security. You will be assured that every web page your child visits is filtered and child-friendly.

When buying a Leapfrog tablet, make sure you get a Leapfrog subscription first so you can fully utilize this tablet. But if you find their library somewhat lacking, Amazon’s media offers for kids are more vast than theirs.


  • A tablet truly dedicated to children
  • Strict parental control
  • Great battery life


  • $20 more expensive than the Fire tablet for Kids
  • Amazon’s library offers a lot more content than Leapfrog’s library


16. Google Pixel Slate

Some of us just want a hybrid Android experience. Sometimes, we want a laptop. Sometimes we want a tablet. Thank goodness, Google made a tablet equivalent of the Pixel phones. Introducing: the Google Pixel Slate. This Android tablet is Google’s answer to the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface 7 Pro. This Chrome OS-powered device can run Android apps but be aware that this is more oriented towards the laptop scene. Nevertheless, this tablet will surely breeze through your everyday office work. It’s all because of its humongous RAM and Intel processor. It also got a keyboard cover and a stylus, though you have to pay for them separately.


  • A pure hybrid for a laptop and tablet
  • A laptop that can run Android apps without any emulator


  • Not purely Android experience
  • Quite expensive vs. pure Android tablets
  • Accessories are pricey


17. Amazon Fire HD 8 For Kids

Perhaps you are looking for a separate tablet for your kid. Most of the time, these tablets get easily broken because kids are pretty much curious and careless in handling gadgets. That is why Amazon has made a tablet dedicated to your kids. The Amazon Fire HD 8 For Kids as the name says, is the kid’s version of Amazon Fire HD 8. It has got a 1280 x 800 screen, 32 GB internal storage, and a USB Type-C port for faster charging. Say goodbye to your kid banging that tablet because of battery drainage.

Just like its brothers, this Android tablet does not let you download any Android apps from the Play Store. So don’t expect any high-powered games on this tablet.


  • A great tablet choice for kids
  • Unlimited subscription to Amazon Kid’s library
  • Rubber case that can last for ages


  • No Google Play support
  • So-so hardware performance

18. Amazon Fire 10 HD Kids

If you want a larger entertainment gadget for your kids, the Amazon Fire HD 10 for Kids is the appropriate tablet for them. Just like its smaller sibling, it has got a full HD display for your kid’s entertainment. Purchasing this tablet also includes a one-year subscription for Amazon Kids+ software. With this subscription, you can get as many as over 20,000 titles for your kids to enjoy. Most of all, its two-year replacement program makes it the most attractive kid’s tablet for its price range. Now, that’s a deal that does not break the bank (and your kid’s tablet, hopefully).


  • Larger screen for your kid’s entertainment
  • The two-year replacement warranty for broken tablet
  • Fire for Kid’s unlimited subscription
  • Tight parental control


  • Tinny speakers make it an underwhelming entertainment device
  • Overflooding of Amazon content may make the content library somewhat bland


19. Lenovo Tab 4 8″

“An Android tablet does not need to break the bank,” — and Lenovo Tab 4 8-inch Android tablet has definitely nailed this statement. Its processor and RAM may not be that snappy enough, but for entertainment and reading, this is a great find for a sub-$100 tablet. Its battery can last up to six hours, which is already enough for your entertainment fix.

Invest in a protective case if you plan to use this as a kid’s tablet. You’ll thank us later if you opt to do this. Also, insert a microSD card full of your entertainment stash. This tablet only has 16 GB of internal storage with half of it already occupied by the software. There are also no brand new units for this. So if you’re okay with a refurbished tablet, then definitely consider this one.


  • Suitable as a kid’s tablet with pure Android experience
  • Affordable entertainment device
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution for an affordable device


  • Only refurbished units are currently available on Amazon
  • Underwhelming internal storage


20. Lenovo Smart Tab P10

An ideal home tablet should be large enough for entertainment. It must also serve as a great home assistant. The great news is Lenovo has continuously launched tablets that are catered more to your home. The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is just one of those great tablets for your home. Its large screen is enough to look upon recipe guides or search engine results. What makes this a great addition to your home is that it has got a charging dock. This charging dock also serves as a speaker, thus a truly ideal home tablet. It also has Alexa integration with it. So every time you got a problem, just ask Alexa with this tablet. Now that’s nifty for an Android tablet slash home assistant.


  • Hybrid tablet and smart home assistant
  • Alexa integration
  • Charging and speaker dock is included in your purchase
  • Great Dolby Atmos speakers


  • Portrait orientation is somewhat off
  • Tablet is rather more focused as a home assistant than as a standalone device


Things To Consider Before Buying An Android Tablet

Before you purchase a new tablet, it’s best to consider these factors first. This will help you choose the right Android tablet for you.


Your number one priority when choosing a tablet and any kind of gadget is the purpose. Why are you buying a new Android tablet? Is it for gaming? Is it for your school projects? Is it for added work productivity? Whatever the reason is, you must consider what the tablet is really intended for before proceeding with that purchase.

Screen Resolution and Size

Another thing that you should consider is the screen size. If you are a book lover, you’ll surely want something that resembles the size of your pocketbook. For those who love binge-watching movies, buy a tablet that has a large screen on it.


This is an unpopular opinion, for sure. But we can attest to you that tablet accessories are now a major factor when buying a new Android tablet. Note that these accessories can elevate your user experience. Office workers and students will definitely love a tablet that has a stylus or detachable keyboard in it. If you’re buying a tablet for your kid, a rugged outer case would be a nice inclusion on your purchase.

App Compatibility

This may be a minor matter for some, but app compatibility is quite an issue for others. Those who want their productivity suite on their tablets should get a purely Android tablet. But if you only want a tablet dedicated to entertainment consumption, a Kindle with Android apps is enough for your needs.


Lastly, you should consider the storage capacity of the tablet. You don’t want to see that error message that tells you to clear some space for your files and apps. Ideally, a 64 GB tablet is more than enough for your daily work files and some movies and games.


Final Word

Android tablets may be heavily shadowed by their largest competitor, the iPad. However, it doesn’t mean they are already out of fashion. In fact, some of these Android tablets are way more capable than the iPad. With its attractive specs, it can even compete with traditional laptops. Now, that’s great mobility right there, not just for your work but also for entertainment. Just make sure you purchase the most suitable tablet according to your needs. This way, you won’t regret every penny you have spent on your shiny new Android tablet.

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