Top 3 best apple iPhone 12 pro case buying Guide Reviews 2021

Do you love iPhones? If yes, you definitely need the best protection case for your Apple device. Now a day, the best apple iPhone 12 Pro is famous due to its modern features like its housing millimeter-wave 5G antennas function. However, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have similar shapes and sizes, but 12 Pro has some advanced features in its camera. Also, the iPhone 12 Pro is a little bit expensive than its previous models. Therefore it needs some extra protection with the best-protecting cover.

If you are wondering about the best protection cover for the iPhone 12, you are in the right place. Herein, you are going to know more about the best iPhone 12 Pro cases with their examples. We sort out them according to your need and choice. We keep in mind everything that you often consider when you are going to buy a case like the quality, standard, cost, durability, and upgraded features.


  1. Presido2 Armor Cloud: Best modern Speck case


In the last few years, Speck comes with some new designs of iPhones case. If you have expensive and modern tastes, then Presido2 Armor will be the best choice for you. It is a little bit expensive and available for $44.96. However, the Presidio2 Pro is more features with excellent quality. In case of a clear case, you can choose one from the several models of the Speck in which the Presidio Perfect-Clear with Grips is one of the best clear cases.


  1. ArmorCloud technology comes with 13-Foot Drop Protection that provides the breakthrough protection of your iPhone.
  2. There are individual air capsules available at the impact along the perimeter of the iPhone case flex that helps to suspend your device on the air cushion.
  3. It has the slimmest design with a dual-layer that Speck has ever built.
  4. It has various invisible cleanliness along with Microban that is the specialty of Speck cases
  5. Its bezel technology help to resist the screen damage of your device from the face-down drops. 

Best iPhone 12 Pro case

Apple launches its silicone case with the upgrade traditional design, including a built-in magnet that provides Safety to your phone. Additionally, it also comes with fast and new charging technology. You can snap the device onto the back of this case and juice up without plugging into the device if you have an Apple MagSafe connector. Furthermore, it is available in many colors, such as navy, coral, black, and red.


  1. It comes with a silicone exterior that provides soft-touch silky, and smooth feels in your hand.
  2. Additionally, it has a built-in soft microfiber lining present inside of the case for further protection.
  3. Its built-in magnets help to align it with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro devices so that you can experience a magical attaching and detaching activity, every time.
  4. These magnets are perfectly aligned which makes you able to charge the device faster with the wireless charger that is pretty much easier than ever before.
  5.  You only need to leave this case on your device and then snap on your MagSafe wireless charger at the time of charging
  6. You can also set this case on your Qi-certified charger.
  7. The design makes it look great with the built-in extra protection of your iPhone from drops and scratches like every Apple-designed phone case.


Best iPhone 12 Pro case at low cost

The price at Amazon is $8.99 


The Ringke Fusion case features a see-through panel that protects the back of your phone. A protective bumper is also present around the edge of the case. It helps to guard your phone against scratches and drops. In short, it gives the best protection at a low cost that also shows off the back of the iPhone. Suitable for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models.


  1. It features with See-through back that allows you to show off the original design of your iPhone.
  2. It comes with a clear bumper that provides more grip for comfortable usage and handling.
  3. Its raised lips help to protect the front display of your iPhone from scratches and damage on the screen.
  4. Attach neck or hand straps provide some extra protection with the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes.
  5. You can also enjoy wireless charging with this case.
  6. It is compatible with most the screen protectors.



  1. LuMee Halo studio by Case-Mate: Best for YouTubers

Price at Amazon $69.99 


If you want to become a TikTok or YouTube celebrity, you need to be ready for your close-up shoots with a LuMee Halo studio by Case-Mate. This case is a little bit expensive but is best to add a Halo Studio light on the back and front of the case. It also offers a rechargeable battery that can run up to 30 minutes of your iPhone lighting at full brightness. Not only this, but this protecting case is also compatible with most wireless chargers. Suitable for both iPhone12 Pro as well as iPhone12


  1. The case features the Halo Studio lighting on the back and front of the case, which helps you perfect lighting while shooting your close-up no matter what is the focus of your photos.
  2. It has a variable dimmer that makes you enable to balance out the unflattering and uneven back-light
  3. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that helps you to run your device for up to 30 minutes along with professional lighting at full brightness.
  4. This case provides the robust protection of your iPhone as well as soft rails that allow easy removal.
  5.  LuMee Halo also supports wireless charging.



In conclusion, we discussed all the specifications and features of the four best iPhone 12 Pro cases in detail. The first case is Presido2 Armor that is perfect for those people who want to raise their standards. This case is more expensive than the other marketed cases but has advanced features. Silicone Case with MagSafe is more durable and stronger than other cases. 

If you want the best iPhone 12 Pro case is a cheap rate Ringke Fusion will be the best protection case for you. Whereas, LuMee Halo studio by Case-Mate is the Best choice for all the YouTubers who want to get an excellent result in their close-up pictures and videos, as this case features a halo studio lightening that allows you to click a perfect close-up.

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