Floor standing speakers are those audio speakers usually placed on the floor and have an increased size, which gives them more bass response than shelf speakers. That way, people can connect them to music players or TVs and enjoy midrange and low sounds that better fill the room. Ideally, they usually have a smaller footprint to be easily positioned next to another surround system. Some of the best floor standing speakers ship in pairs, but some outstanding ones do the job as a single unit.

1. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

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The Sony SSCS3 speaker is a tower-configuration standing speaker containing a 4-speaker bass reflex system. It consists of one large 5.25 subwoofer and two tweeters of 1 inch and ¾ inch. These all combine to provide high-resolution audio with classy high and low frequencies. The tower has a classy grille that can still partially display the speaker configuration. You may, however, remove the grille and flaunt a better view of the speakers. The speaker occupies a minimal footprint, but they deliver a superior sound experience for the home.

You can own a floor standing speaker that doesn’t only give you great bass and treble but also acts as a decor accessory for your living room. With the Mica-reinforced speaker cones, these SONY speakers will guarantee you a high definition audio sound with little to no distortion. Enjoy all your playlists and have something that will impress any visitors who see it. The cabinet is well shielded to eliminate any noise that may come from the baffle-board and let you only hear the sounds you want to hear.

Key Features
  • The speaker does not need a special setup.
  • 145 Watts maximum input power.
  • The super tweeters provide impressive treble.
  • The reinforced woofer provides extra bass.

2. Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos Floorstanding Speaker

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At long last, there is finally a quality speaker that has a top side and front-facing speakers. The Klipsch Atmos dual standing speaker has an elevation channel speaker at the top and two main speakers at the front. It also has dual 6 inch copper-plated main speakers facing the front and a tweeter horn. The overall effect of that is the ability to reflect sounds from the walls and the ceiling properly. That will be an absolute kicker if you love playing dance and rock music loud. The 90×90 horns contain tweeters that sort out all your requirements for playing high-frequency audio through a front-facing firing port.

The cabinet itself is very sturdy and well-sealed to deliver superior acoustics and noise reduction. It weighs 104 pounds and would be the perfect addition to your living room if you need a system that can be plugged in once and not moved a lot. Its weight is also a great advantage because tower speakers need to be heavy enough to prevent rattling noises. The bass front-firing port is situated closer to the speaker’s base, enabling a better bass effect distribution and reflection.

Key Features
  • The speaker handles 400W at peak.
  • It has a removable top and front grilles.
  • It reflects sound to the ceiling and delivers a natural sound.

3. Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

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The Polk 60 series speaker is a standing speaker with three 5.25 inch main speakers in a front-facing configuration. They have a black oak finish and measure 38 inches in height. This gives you a powerful bass system that also stands out and improves the look in a modern living room. The three main speakers include one dome tweeter for that extra high-frequency audio sound. With it, you are assured of that deep bass that sounds well due to the bass reflex system that is well distributed through the room. It is one of those floor standing speakers with bass that sounds nice even on a very low volume level.

The 5.25 inch main speakers offer stereo sound with a 3D feel. Any tracks that are played will always have a lifelike sound that keeps you feeling like you were listening to a live performance. The cabinets have the dimensions of 14 x 7 x 37.5 inches and weigh 31 pounds. They have four stands that slightly push out from the rest of the cabinet, keeping them stable and giving them a beautiful and wooden overall look. As a whole, the Polk 60 series speaker delivers impressive mid-range sound, vocals, and bass. They are magnet shielded, keeping them safe enough to place near a large TV set without damaging it.

Key Features
  • It contains three main speakers and a dome tweeter.
  • They deliver high-quality midrange sound.
  • They have a black oak finish.
  • Its construction reflects the bass well.

4. ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

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The ELAC Uni-fi speakers are a definite hit, with four front-facing speakers with one of these containing a 1-inch dome tweeter in its voice coil. The speakers have a 3-way design engineered to give off the top of the range surround sound for your entertainment system. The woofers are made of aluminum, and these give excellent midrange and bass kick for a full theater experience. The three aluminum woofers deliver clearer and sharper bass frequencies than textile woven woofers. You will not regret the speaker’s diameter. These cone speakers still have an elongated magnet that makes them deliver more powerful sound than most 4-inch range speakers.

Soft and clear harmonics are always a plus when listening to audio that contains voice or guitars. That is why the top speaker contains a dome tweeter right inside its on coil. That helps the speaker achieve a uniformly balanced sound through its voice coil. You can better enjoy the more-precise direction of the music because of this improved voice coil. The overall look is sheer class too! The stand contains a mold and spikes below it for both aesthetic appeal and positioning balance. You can adjust the position from peaks to regular stands depending on the surface the speaker is erected.

Key Features
  • It has three large woofers and a midrange speaker.
  • The midrange speaker contains a dome tweeter.
  • It has flexible speaker wire connections.
  • It has a crossover cabinet design.

5. Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Floor Standing Loudspeaker

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Floor Standing Loudspeaker

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If you are looking for a tall speaker that you can have in your living room and crank up now and then, the Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers are the right addition. These floor standing speakers contain three 5.25 inch subwoofers and a 1-inch dome tweeter in one curved-design cabinet. These are all linked to an 8-element crossover to ensure that they combine well for better sound quality in closed rooms. The 35-inch cabinet can be detached from the base if you ever feel like horizontal placement on a soft carpet surface.

The curved design improves delivery when it comes to low and mid-range sounds. A slightly taller tower with the speakers closer to the top significantly improves bass sounds. The speakers finally get closer to the ears when standing. You will love this speaker if you are looking for a very simple and quick speaker setup for your home entertainment system. You could erect it on one corner of the room or right next to the TV and enjoy multi-directional quality sound. The design’s stand also makes it possible to place it on a raised surface to keep the speakers close to ear-listening levels with more stability.

Key Features
  • The speaker’s height makes the sound better.
  • A curved cabinet distributes the music better.
  • It contains three subwoofers.
  • Includes an 8 component crossover.

6. Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker

Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker

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The Yamaha NS-F210BL speakers are a slim-format and tall floor standing speaker. They have 2-way bass-reflex systems that have highly responsive aluminum cone speakers. You will have a great time with the aluminum cone speakers because these keep all the sounds clear due to a higher response rate. The slim format is ideal if the speakers are specifically meant to be next to a flat panel television set. (They will not stick out too much and ruin the flat panel TV experience). The two woofers measure 3.1 inches, and the system has a single one-inch dome tweeter.

The 2-way bass-reflex speakers provide an excellent way to enjoy 3D sound in a single floor standing speaker that does not occupy too much floor space. Their heavier base stand keeps them from wobbling even when placed on a thick rag. You can count on these speakers to give a clear spec sound. Even with the 3-inch speakers, the system still delivers great mid-range bass without necessarily having to buy an extra subwoofer to your entertainment system. This is the sort of addition that can get you an easy trick to get a more audible voice and a front presence to the existing surround system.

Key Features
  • They work well with other surround sound systems.
  • They have a tall and slim shape that is ideal for thin TVs.
  • No distortion at the high volume level.
  • They have a very stable base.

7. Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker

Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker

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The Polk signature standing speakers are a pair of floor standing speakers with two 6.5 inch midrange drivers and a 1-inch dome tweeter. They utilize a raised power port technology that keeps the bass more direct and loud. The speakers are only 11 inches wide and 41 inches tall, making them work well as slim-sized standing speakers for slim TVs for your home entertainment center. The dome tweeter speaker is made out of Terylene material to deliver sharper highs and very natural vocals for the better listening experience.

Each 6.5-inch midrange driver contains a well-rounded age and has metallic-color speaker cones that give the right accentuation to add the dramatic look to the system. Placing the pair at a reasonable distance from each other ensures that you can enjoy stereo sound that reflects the original audio channels of a song or movie. It has a very iconic bass port closer to its base stand, with just the right shape and size to improve the overall bass effect. The modern cabinet styling offers stability and aesthetic appeal to any living room that the speakers are placed.

Key Features
  • Each speaker has two 6.5″ midrange drivers.
  • It power port that delivers airflow.
  • The speaker structure minimizes distortion.
  • It has an anti-diffraction magnetic grille.

What to Look for When Buying Floor Standing Speakers

When you want to purchase floor standing speakers, there are some factors that you really should consider to ensure that you get an improved listening experience.


The speaker’s stability usually ensures that you will have less trouble keeping them from toppling over even when playing music at high volume. Always consider the speakers that have a base that is wide enough to keep them upright.

Speaker sizes

Generally, some of the best floor standing speakers have mid-range woofers and some smaller attached tweeters. These mid-range woofers range from 4 to 5 inches on average, and they are in charge of the low bass sounds.

Cabinet design

The cabinet design affects the quality of the sound, but they can also determine how well they look. Modern living rooms look better when you have speakers that have excellent finishes and decent colors. Wood color or plain black finishes are more prevalent in interior design. Also, ensure that the cabinets are well-sealed or have proper ports to channel the sound well. Models that have the speaker closer to the top provide more audibility because the sound comes from ear levels.


With most of these floor standing speakers being able to deliver mid-range, low and high-frequency sounds, they are an excellent addition to get for your entertainment unit. These ensure that you can enjoy music and movies with sound that is well-reflected around the room’s walls and ceilings. Louder and more audible bass is enjoyable when the speakers can deliver it without a lot of distortion and noise. These are some of the best floor standing speakers that can offer you quality stereo sound in indoor listening environments.

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