The 13 Best Gaming Earbuds With Microphone Buying Guide Reviews 2021

Games are an activity enjoyed by millions, if not billions, of people around the planet. If you are an Xbox fanatic, a PlayStation enthusiast, otherwise you like more to hit it on PC, one thing is without a doubt, without the sound, half the fun is removed. I mean, have you ever heard of a silent pump, a fireplace that doesn’t crack, or a gun that doesn’t make a noise of Best Gaming Earpods?

Adding sound to your gaming experience enhances it in many ways. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the situation, allowing you not only to see what is happening, but also hear it, and sometimes feel it. If you thought your heart was racing before adding sound to your game, wait until later!

Some people spend a great deal of cash buying a vast surround sound system to blow up all those booms and busts while they play. And while that’s great if you live alone in the middle of nowhere, it’s not very practical to live in a house full of people during a large apartment block.

So then. What is the answer to all or some of these problems? best Gaming earbuds with microphone. They’re small, relatively inexpensive in comparison, and they won’t let your neighbours jump out of bed in the middle of the night thinking they’re being attacked.

In this article, we’ll show you the ins and outs of some of the simplest gaming earbuds with microphones out there right now, in our opinion, we’ve put them to make it easier for you.

Here is the list of some best gaming earbuds with microphones!

1 – Chalked Hi-Res gaming earbuds with microphone

Chalked Hi-Res In-Ear Best gaming earbuds with a microphone give you high-quality sounds at high volumes. They might be one of the highest-priced gaming earbuds out there, but they are also some of the best quality due to their Hi-Res audio capabilities. That gives you a frequency response that ranges from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, giving you a much better listening experience.

You also get a variety of additional accessories with these earbuds including regular tips in three different sizes, double-tab tips in two different sizes, a group of memory tips designed to provide a custom fit, and a cute carrying case for storage. Hit. Another great point about these earbuds is that the cable is braided and it is more resistant than most of the ones you see around you. And in the rare event that you run into a problem, there is a 30-day full money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.


  • Luxurious design
  • Good noise isolation
  • Affordable


  • Poor bass

2 – KLIM Fusion Gaming Earbuds with microphone

KLIM Fusion Gaming earbuds are a force to be reckoned with. Made up of one of Europe’s leading headphone and earbuds companies, these gaming earbuds exude style and quality. The main thing I would like to say is that it is made with memory foam tips. These gaming earbuds are very comfortable to wear. They mould perfectly to the shape of your ear for a very snug fit, helping to deliver the most superficial sound quality.

Included within the package, along with the earbuds, you get four replacement earbuds, a dual-plug cable for you to use alongside your computer, and a small carrying case to keep everything protected while not in use. Overall, these earbuds are an excellent option for anyone who wants an honest pair of gaming earbuds at a fair price.


  • Superb quality.
  • Foam beds are super comfortable.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Low Charge timing

3 – Bengoo Bass Stereo gaming earbuds with Detachable Microphone

Immerse yourself in the world of 4D gaming with these fantastic gaming earbuds from Bangor. Gone are the days when simple 2D images and metallic sounds reached our ears. These earbuds allow you to experience the planet of games, not just in terms of sounds.

The Bangor Bass stereo gaming earbuds with a microphone has an additional feature that makes gaming even more enjoyable: a 4D vibration effect. Now, you will not only hear explosions and footsteps. With this revolutionary technology, you will also feel them. And the lower the sound, the stronger the vibration! I also love the shark fin design of those earbuds as they do fit the shape of your ear. It stays in place when you travel and does not hurt your ear after hours of use.


  • High-precision magnetic neodymium driver
  • great brass with ambient noise isolation
  • Super comfortable


  • Not  sturdy

4 – Cogogo Gaming earbuds with Detachable Microphone

Cogogo gaming earbuds with microphones are the right choice for anyone starting to call on the gaming planet or trying to find a cheap buy. However, don’t let the mere fact that these earbuds are on the cheaper end of size put you off, as they are good value for money. The sound quality you get from them is not bad, and they are very comfortable to use.

For me, their best feature is the indisputable fact that they are made from a high-quality silicone material that is lightweight and versatile. They have been designed in such a way that they prevent them from collapsing at any time and give you more excellent manoeuvrability in gameplay. Also included as part of the package are three pairs of different sized earbuds to ensure you get the right fit.


  • Good price
  • Look great
  • Comfortable


  • Low volume bass


5 – E-3lue Wired Gaming earbuds with Detachable Microphone


You won’t have to worry about not being heard with these Best gaming earbuds with a microphone. Made up of E-3lue, these gaming earbuds feature not one, but two microphones to select and process sounds with much better quality than those with a single microphone. These earbuds are light and comfortable to wear. And they also accompany many different size earplugs to ensure an ideal fit.

The two things I prefer most about these gaming earbuds are the standard of the merchandise and how they are easy to use. They are sensitive enough to select small sounds, but robust enough to avoid distractions. And their three-button online control makes using them a breeze. Overall, these earbuds are a bargain.


  • Good noise cancellation
  •  Good sound quality
  • Very comfortable


  • Not looking good

6 – MindBeast Super Bass Gaming Earbuds with microphone

If you like bass, you will love these gaming earbuds with a microphone. Made with in-ear noise isolation technology, MindBeast Super Bass Noise Canceling gaming earbuds are fabulous for pumping high-quality bass into your ears with excellent clarity. They are also incredibly lightweight, which is very beneficial if you will use them for long periods.

My favourite feature of those earbuds is the sweat-resistant technology that prevents sweat from entering the earbuds.


  • Good price
  •  Nice sound quality
  •  Good in running


  • Low volume

7 – Greendo Gaming Earbuds with Microphone

Available in red or green, these Greendo gaming earbuds are ideal for those who perk up a bit while gaming. The ergonomic design of these earbuds ensures a comfortable fit, so you don’t worry about breaking them every time you go. They’re also very lightweight, making them so comfortable to wear that you hardly know they’re there.

The other thing I like about these gaming earbuds is that they are available with three sets of earmuffs. Therefore, there is no need to suffer, trying to wear a one-size-fits-all product. They are available with a typical 1.2m cable to allow manoeuvrability while gaming and therefore the noise-reducing microphone is super clear, allowing you to talk to other players effectively. In general, they are easy to use, work well, and do not cost a fortune.


  • Bluetooth design for a drug-free option
  • Extreme clear frequencies


  • Not good in noise cancellation
  • Difficult controls


8 – Vogek Stereo Gaming Earbuds with Dual Microphone

If you’re trying to find a bunch of gaming earbuds that work well, but won’t break the bank, then you’ve come to the right place. Vogek stereo gaming earbuds are compatible with many devices and offer quality sound at a bargain price. They are also equipped with dual microphones that help ensure that it is heard loud and clear at any time.

Another of the earbuds best features is that it has been developed with innovative in-ear technology that isolates external noise and allows you to enjoy your gaming experience. And its ergonomic shape, along with the memory foam ear cups on the side, ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. A bit like the higher-priced items, included in the package is three pairs of earbuds, two pairs of ear hooks, a reasonably long cable, and an adapter cable.


  • Affordable Price
  • Lightweight
  • Dual microphone included


  • Low sound
  • Bad volume unit

9 – Aitalk Gaming Earbuds with Microphone

Available in a selection of three different gaming colours red, green, and black, the Aitalk gaming earbuds are an excellent buy for anyone looking to save a couple of pennies. I would expect there to be a couple of issues, but to be honest, there isn’t. the standard of the materials used is high; the sound quality is excellent, with deep bass and rich high notes; and that they have a built-in HD microphone and remote control.

They are also equipped with advanced in-car technology that helps eliminate noise from the ground, allowing you to focus more on live sport. One of those earbuds standout features is the accompanying super-long 1.6m (63in) cable. With a line this long, you have fewer restrictions on movement, which means you can play with less pressure.


  • Lightweight
  • Consistent with microphone for game chat
  • Good sound quality for gaming


  • Not good sound for music listening

10 – Venom RC Stereo gaming earbuds with microphone

Look like a pro, play kind of a pro, and sound kind of a pro with these ultra-cool gaming earbuds from Venom RC. Made with 13mm drivers, and these gaming earbuds ensure superior sound quality throughout your game. They are available with three headphone sets of various sizes to ensure a perfect fit and adjust the microphone position to the angle that best suits your needs.

One of the elements that I prefer the most about these earbuds is that they are effortless to regulate, and with just a quick movement of the finger you will adjust the amount to the volume you want. The sound quality is super clear, and it comes with a typical 1.2m cable, allowing you plenty of room to manoeuvre while gaming.


  • Noise-isolation quality is good
  • Good bass
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Charge slow


Bose never disappoints when it comes to sound quality! With the QuietComfort 20, they managed to make a near-perfect portable gaming earbud used in a good variety of situations. You’ll wear them while running, and you feel they’re doing a great job of blocking out ambient sounds on an aeroplane, they deliver spacious audio that allows the listener to imagine each sounds position.

But Bose went one step further and included ANC in these gaming earbuds! This suggests that you will enjoy your game without being disturbed by outside sounds no matter your current location (at home, on the couch, or on a busy train). Plus, you can get a conscious mode, so you’ll hear the word above without removing your earbuds or interrupting your gaming session. Not to mention, thanks to Active EQ and TriPort technology, the sound is deep and clear. Finally, the Bose QuietComfort 20 works on many devices, including those from Apple. You’ll even wear them for hours thanks to the StayHear + tips that provide a comfortable, customizable fit.


  • Good gaming sound quality
  • Noise Cancellation module included
  • Solid build
  • In-line remote control & mic


  • Price is high
  • Charging slow


The best part about these gaming earbuds is that there is no cable to get tangled in your business as you try to defeat the boss of the last word. Furthermore, it is a game mode, that allows users to listen to the footsteps and their direction or enjoy an explosion blast. The earbuds have low-latency settings to attenuate audio lag. Furthermore, the earbuds support a very fine-tuned sound curve (EQ3 Sound / C3 Chatting) that focuses on spatial awareness and voice. There are also preset modes that make it easy to sync audio with the type of content currently playing. The earbuds have a dual-microphone system, where one picks up and blocks the surrounding noise, and thus the other picks up your voice. As a result, you will have transparent conversations about whether you are at the front desk or on the bus.

Lastly, the battery life is decent and they will automatically pair with the latest device, once you take them out of the charging case.


  • Decent battery timing
  • Good to use
  • Dual microphones
  • Designed for mobile gaming
  • With charging case


  • Slow volume
  • No ANC


If you don’t like bulky gaming earbuds, the HP Battle Buds are the most straightforward alternative. This wired in-ear headset is compatible with any platform that supports a 3.5mm jack audio connection. The multi-size earbuds are perfect for providing passive noise isolation, and therefore, the built-in microphone is ideal for in-game chat. Even more, you will add a high sensitivity boom microphone, only by plugging it into the dedicated port. The boom mic comes with earbuds and can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Lastly, the sound quality is well balanced and quite powerful (due to the 10mm speaker driver and high-quality copper cables). There is also a built-in remote control attached to the line, so you can easily adjust the number or take calls.


  • Compatible with most platforms
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Dual microphone
  • Strong bass with crystal clarity


  • The cord material is low
  • Bass is not very good


While the products we review cover a good range of budgets and preferences, we think you should even have the list of features that we based our selection. This way, if you want to attempt your search, you will have a solid base from which to start.


Whether you have a PC or a console gamer, you will spend countless hours performing tasks, completing missions, and fighting enemies. As such, comfort is the first criteria that matter when selecting the simplest gaming earbuds with a microphone. Please start at the tip of the ear; it must be a minimum of three different sizes within the package. Therefore, the material must be designed to fill the auditory meatus to provide passive noise cancellation. The earbuds should also be light and compact not to fall off once you make sudden movements. Not to mention, if they are wired, the cable should be tangle-free and lightweight, so its weight doesn’t pull the earbuds down.

  • The second fundamental criterion is the quality of the sound. But gamers have different preferences compared to audiophiles, so you should look for:
  • Powerful bass
  • Comprehensive rendering of the soundstage (so you know where your enemies are coming from)
  • Clear treble

Some gamers think that a wired design transmits sound better than a wireless one because it is wired and not BT. However, modern BT technology is advanced, and you will hardly notice the difference between wireless and wired when it comes to sound quality. Plus, a wireless design frees you from cables and gives you honest range to manoeuvre around the device. In contrast, wired arrangements are not interfered with by other wireless signals and are slightly more durable. At the peak of the day, it is you who must make the best decision.


Most MMORPG and online games generally require teammates to speak to share instructions, send commands, and collaborate. This is often difficult to do with a microphone that doesn’t pick up your voice correctly or one that picks up too much touch. That’s why several of the simpler gaming earbuds highlight the fact that their mic is at the higher end of the spectrum. It’s going to cost a bit more, but it’s worth it!


Can I reset my Defunc device?

Yes, you will. See the instructions for your specific correct wireless model above.

How do I connect with a replacement device?

Make sure the earbuds are fully charged. Please do so by setting the charging case with the earbuds on until the ch turn on. Open the charging case, remove the earbuds. The earbuds will automatically turn on and pair with each other. When the blue and red lights on either earbud flash alternately, will pair earbuds with your device. Activate the Bluetooth function on your device and choose your new Defunc product from the list to pair the device’s earbuds.

Why won’t the earbuds sync with my device?

  • confirm that the earbuds are turned on
  • confirm that Bluetooth is turned on on your device
  • confirm that the earbuds are not connected to a different device
  • confirm that the earbuds have a battery life
  • If you’ve checked these steps, look at the manual for your specific correct wireless model above.

What do I need to know about Bluetooth interference?

Interference is one of the most significant challenges for any wireless technology in providing reliable digital communication. Since wireless technologies such as Bluetooth® devices share a transmission medium, it is possible for a packet of knowledge transmitted to be corrupted or lost if it collides with another pack sent at the same time and on a frequency channel.

That means that your earbuds may for no apparent reason disconnect from your device. If this happens, and your earbuds and machine do not reconnect automatically, create a replacement Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and your device by placing the earbuds inside the charging case and closing the lid. Then open the cover and detect the earbuds again.

I can’t find the solution to my question here, what can I do?

Click on your model above. Each true model has its section! If you still can’t find a solution, please contact us using the form below!


Earbuds are portable, easy to use and supply a superb audio experience that appeals to gamers and music lovers. When you’re enjoying a web game, earbuds that accompany a microphone will allow you to speak with other players, while those that specialize in background game noise to be ready to win. We chose the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Best Gaming earbuds with Microphone as our top choice because they’re designed to enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to speak with other gamers while providing you with excellent audio quality. These earbuds are specifically designed for hand-held devices so that they are often utilized in multiple settings. we recommend that you take a glance at the iWALK TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds with Mic. They feature two audio modes, so you’ll use them while taking note of music or while engaging in your favourite game. They will last for up to 7 hours on one charge, so you won’t need to interrupt your gaming session.



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