The 6 Best gaming processors Buying Guide reviews 2021

The Best gaming processors are the most important part of any computing machine. Until now Processors were not thought of as separate components of individual importance in any computing system, you would hardly be asked by someone what processor your computer has, as machines were built for more general purposes and did not require immense processing power like the gaming computers of the modern-day Best gaming processors.
But that is starting to change as gaming computers are gaining more and more popularity and people are truly realizing the impressive capabilities of these technological masterpieces.

Gaming computers belong to a branch of special-purpose computers that are designed to serve one purpose, but with perfection. Gaming computers require super-fast processors with much higher clock rates. The best Gaming processors allow you to experience gaming like none other. Most latest games demand lavish graphics and fast processing speeds, it is pretty self-evident that you cannot have the best gaming experience without a fast processor.
Many people when buying a gaming PC of their own put their emphasis on graphics cards and not on the processor, this is a common mistake. It doesn’t quite matter how strong the other features of your PC are, in the end, it all comes down to the processor that your PC has, after all, it is the central processing unit.
When buying a gaming computer it is very important to make sure that your PC has the best gaming processor in its price range. Although if you are a beginner all the complicated processor names might confuse you to decide which one is the best for you. But you need not worry, through this article, we‘ll be guiding you to choose the best gaming processor for your PC.

AMD vs intel

When it comes to the best gaming processor out there, then it’s a close tie between AMD and Intel chipsets, currently, most of the market is dominated by these two brands in terms of the best gaming processors.
Intel, having dominated the market for decades has been producing quality computer chips that are super fast and provide optimum performance for your machine, but AMD ‘the rising underdog’ is rising up to the challenge. AMD, relatively new in the business, is employing cutting-edge technology to make their computer processors which are more reliable and energy-efficient than even intel’s flagships processors. With the new Ryzen processors AMD has massively disrupted the market. AMD provides great value through its processors when compared to the high-priced intel products.
Having said that, it would still be only fair to say that Intel and AMD both offer some great value products that you should consider when buying a gaming PC.
In this article, we will be talking about some of the best intel and AMD gaming processors.

#1. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Threads: 24
Cores: 12
Base clock: 3.7GHz
Boost clock: 4.8GHz
L3 cache: 64MB
Thermal design point: 105W

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is exactly what a modern-day computer processor should be like! With its 12 cores and 24 threads, it is no match to the previously built processors with single-digit cores. With the new 7nm Zen architecture of AMD, it is undeniably one of the best value processors for gaming purposes. Although there are stronger processors when compared to Ryzen 9 5900X they fail to provide this much value in terms of their performance and what they cost.

Ryzen 9 5900X gives phenomenal gaming performance, allowing you to play at high frame rates, even with 1080p which would push most processors over the edge but Ryzen 5900 can take it, there is no game in the market that this processor cannot run smoothly. As a gaming processor, it will provide you with an unfaltering gaming experience unlike any other gaming processor in this price range.
Plus, the chip is unlocked for overclocking which means you can crunch in even more, for greater performance and efficiency.
In Spite of its massive power deliverance, it has such a low thermal design point which says a lot about the efficiency of this electronic masterpiece.
If you are looking for high-end gaming performance without spending thousands of dollars AMD’s Ryzen 5900X is the option for you to have in your CPU.

● Compatible with other AMD chips
● Consisting 12 cores and 24 threads
● Relatively Power efficient

● Cooler not included
● Integrated graphics not available
● Prices increase with each generation upgrade

#2. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Cores: 6
Threads: 12
Base clock: 3.7GHz
Boost clock: 4.6GHz
Thermal design point: 65W
L3 Cache: 32MB

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X might not be as powerful as 5900X or 5650X with its 6 cores and 3.7GHz of the base clock, but it is another worth the value chip by AMD. Either you wish to use it for gaming or general purposes it provides immense processing speeds with its hexacore setup.
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X creates a perfect balance between performance, power efficiency, and affordability. With multi-threading support, this processor is compatible for performing most takes and games smoothly.

Don’t let the flagship features of more expensive AMD chips fool you into believing that, the 5600X is a lesser option and would be a compromise to have in your PC, on the contrary, it is a fully functional gaming processor with TDB as low as 65W, no doubt it is one of the most energy-efficient CPU developed by AMD.

For all the gaming fans who want just the best of the gaming performance from their CPUs without spending loads of money on the flagship processors, Ryzen 5600X is just the ideal mid-range gaming processor. Redefining the value provided by a mid-range CPU, 5600X might be the best gaming processor for your system.

● Impressive gaming benchmarks
● Affordable
● Cooler included
● Low thermal design point

● Integrated graphics not available
● Overclocking won’t yield much

#3. AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

Cores: 4
Threads: 4
Base clock: 3.6GHz
Boost clock: 4GHz
Graphics: Radeon Vega 8 graphics
L3 cache: 4MB
Thermal design point: 65W

The AMD Ryzen 3200G is another impressive budget-level gaming processor by advanced microdevices. The quad-core processor comes with integrated graphics and a cooler included in the pack and is based on the 12-nm microprocessor architecture of AMD.
In terms of performance Ryzen 3, 3200G is not like your average budget range gaming processor. The quad-core CPU is well capable of running most games with smooth graphics, surprisingly enough it also supports 4k gaming with decent frame rates, which is not expected out of gaming processors at this price range.
After its surprisingly lower price, it is the integrated graphics processor that promises the most value. Ryzen 3 3200G is one of the rare AMD chips that have integrated graphics along with the CPU. This means that if you buy 3200G as your gaming processor you won’t have to spend tons of dollars to get a separate graphics card for your system. The processor providing Vega graphics is all you need.
Ryzen 3200G is a phenomenal computer component, it is still a budget computer processor and cannot be compared to the more flagship processors of AMD and Intel with multi-threading and various cores.
Being a budget range processor Ryzen 3200G has its obvious shortcomings, but in its price range, 3200G provides great value and is probably the best offer for you if you are willing to save some dollars.

● Built-in integrated graphics
● Affordable
● Fan cooler provided

● Average performance
● No multi-threading support

#4. AMD Ryzen 5 5950X

Cores: 16
Threads: 32
Base clock: 3.4GHz
Boost clock: 4.9GHz
L3 cache: 64MB
Thermal design point: 105W

AMD’s Ryzen 5950X is a high-end gaming processor by AMD, employing 16 cores and multi-threading support. With 64MB of cache capacity, 5950X keeps all those 16 cores functional. With its surprising number of cores the speed and processing power offered by Ryzen 5950X is unmatchable and unchallenged.
Of all the Zen 3 processors of AMD, 5950X offers the most value with its flagship features under just under $1000.
It’s unlikely to find a more powerful and superior processor, specially built as a gaming processor; it surely lives up to the promise of AMD, of producing unbeatable chips for a rare gaming experience. With the 5950X you can play games at 4k and at high frame rates, matched up with a good graphics card this Ryzen chip will push all known boundaries of PC gaming.

The chip also has an impressive thermal design point of 105W, considering the heavy-duty performance it promises the TDB is still very low, thus making the processor highly energy efficient.

With chips like this one having as many as 16 cores, AMD clearly seems to have an edge over Intel chips which even in their flagship products offer up to 10 cores. If you are one of those perfectionist gamers out there who don’t want anything else, but only the best gaming performance and have those extra dollars then this processor serves all your needs.

● Power-efficient
● High-end performance
● Impressive Zen 3 architecture
● No integrated graphics
● Expensive

#5. Intel Pentium gold G6400

Cores: 2
Threads: 4
Base clock: 4.0GHz
Graphics: Intel UHD graphics 610
Intel smart cache: 4MB
Thermal design point: 58W

This intel chip might not be comparable to most of the processors talked about above with various cores, multi-threading, and much higher base clock rates.
Intel G6400 is a much cheaper alternative to all the high-priced AMD chips talked about earlier. The dual-core setup, unlike the quad and hexacore chips of AMD, is obviously much slower. But note that it is value-packed, providing access to a wide range of games for such a low price. Intel’s business model has always been based on producing more accessible products for the masses.
Though there has been a lot of talk about flagship gaming processors loaded with all kinds of fantasy features, the truth is that many people cannot afford most of the gaming processors due to their unbelievable high prices. Intel with the G6400 offers a decent dual-core processor having a base clock rate of 4.0GHZ (pretty impressive in its price range), and a very low TDB of only 58W all this $70. Astonishingly the processor comes with integrated graphics, packing intel’s UHD graphics 610. Having integrated graphics under the price tag of just $65 elaborates the high value provided by this budget range gaming processor.
It is easy to be impressed by the more flagship products with massive prices, but Intel’s G6400 chip deserves to be appreciated for its high functionality and rising up to the job. Providing a pleasant gaming experience for anyone having a passion for gaming.

● Integrated graphics available
● Fair price
● Highly functional

● Not compatible with more demanding games
● Only 2 cores

#6. intel core i5-10600k

Cores: 6
Thread: 12
Base clock: 4.1GHz
Boost clock: 4.8GHz
Graphics: Intel UHD graphics 630
Intel smart cache: 12MB
TDB: 125W

Intel Core i5-10600k remains to be one of the most valued mid-range gaming processors from intel. Equipped with 6 cores and using hyper-threading, it has an overall very satisfactory performance being capable of handling all kinds of gaming loads. Unlocked for overclocking this processor can be made even more powerful.
There haven’t been many reputable mid-range gaming processors in the past, but core i5-10600k intel aims to conquer the $300 price range. Providing optimum gaming experience with powerful performance and smooth graphics. Intel Core i5-10600K offers the most value in this price range even when compared to AMD’s mid-range products.
Like most other intel chips core i5-10600k comes with Intel’s integrated graphics, the intel UHD graphics 630 provides decent graphics for gaming or any other purposes. In terms of gaming performance, this chip actually manages to provide more value under the $300 price tag than the intel i9-10900k, which would require you to spend much more.
The thermal design point of i5-10600k is much higher than most other chips of its category, this was done so as to provide more headroom for overclocking and thus makes the processor not the most energy-efficient.

● Allows overclocking
● Impressive gaming performance
● Fair price

● Not very energy efficient
● Cooler not included with the chip

Things to consider when buying a gaming processor

A core can be understood as small CPUs inside the main CPU that are fully capable of independently performing tasks and implementing instructions, for gaming or any other purposes, the more the number of cores in your CPU the faster and more smooth your computer will work. Many flagship processors now have up to 16 cores, which means that the CPU can divide numerous tasks between the cores performing all of them simultaneously without causing any lag in the system.

Threading is a further process of breaking up cores of the CPU virtually to increase performance and efficiency. Always look for processors with maximum threads. AMD uses multi-threading technology in its processors whereas Intel uses hyper-threading to enhance the CPU performance.

Gaming processors are compact electronics capable of huge computational capability, they easily heat upon continuous use and require some kind of ventilation. For this purpose, cooler fans are used which as per the need provide ventilation and prevent chips to overheat and become faulty.
Many gaming processors already come with a cooling mechanism installed, but still, there are many gaming processors in the market which are not sold with cooling fans included. Always look for the cooling system that CPUs employ or if they even have it in the first place.

After the main processor, the graphics are probably the most significant feature of any gaming CPU. Decent graphics support is the primary requirement for running any game on your computer. Some processors already come with integrated graphic cards, whereas many processors require you to purchase a separate graphics card, costing you more dollars.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

How many cores are enough for gaming?
Considering the software and hardware demands of most games of the modern-day, to have any decent gaming experience you need at least a quad-core processor with good threading.

Who makes the best gaming processors?
While there are many products in the market, intel and AMD are undeniably at the top of the hierarchy releasing computer chips one after another, employing breakthrough technology.

How much RAM do I need for gaming?
The minimum RAM requirement for any gaming PC is 8GB.

Bottom line

When looking for the best gaming processor keep in mind all the factors discussed above. There are many gaming processors with great potential in the market. In the end, you have to decide which one is the best for you considering your needs and preferences.
Over the past decade, we have seen rapid growth and innovation in the gaming industry. Many processors that we talked about are no match to their predecessors and are setting a very high bar for future technology. Either you are someone who wants to buy a new gaming processor or just wants to know more about gaming processors, We hope that this article proved to be helpful.

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