Best Glue Stick For 3D Printing

The best glue stick for 3D printing can considerably enhance bed adhesion. In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best glues for bed adhesion if you are in 3D printing industry.

Bed adhesion plays a pivotal in improving the quality of your prints. A bad adhesive can make your print wobble or you would simply not get the desired results. Faulty prints such as those that don’t stick to the build plate can be terrorizing for most of us. It can result in horrible or at least laughable final results. However, you need not worry because you can resolve this problem by using a simple yet high-quality glue stick.

You can use other types of adhesives such as Kapton tape, glass, and sprays for improving adhesion. The main role of these adhesives is to prevent warping and curling or in simple words, print failure. Similarly, they also go a long way in reducing waste. However, none is better than a glue stick in accomplishing all the above tasks.

The behavior of the adhesive or glue stick also depends on the material of the build plate. But – a good glue stick in general will foil twisting and clumping of the prints.

Why Use a Glue Stick for 3D Printing?

You can use different kinds of adhesives and methods for your prints to stick. However, using a glue stick is the simple, safest, and most effective of these methods. Glue Sticks offer a lot of benefits such as:

Easy Application

First and foremost, they are very easy to apply on the surface. Unlike spray adhesives that leave sticky overspray, glue comes in direct contact with the hot bed. As a result, printing is clean and non-messy. Using glue is also easier than using the tape because it is difficult to align the latter on the bed without any air bubbles.

Easy Cleanup

You can clean or remove most of the glues with water as they are water-soluble. Therefore, it is a breeze to clean the build plate once you have done printing or to remove any residues, excessive glue, or leftovers. Residues left behind by other adhesives such as tap are incredibly difficult to remove.

Easy Print Removal

The best part about glue sticks is that they don’t over adhere to the printer’s bed, making it easier to remove prints once the bed cools down. It is also an ideal solution for printing naturally more adhesive materials such as PETG. Glue prevents these materials from permanently sticking to the bed by acting as a buffer layer.

Reviews of the Best Glue Sticks for 3D Printing

Our experts recommend using the following glue sticks for 3D printing. They have chosen these glues after extensive research and measuring their performance against parameters like ease of use and clean, level of adhesiveness, multifunctionality, price, and brand.

So, let us start our reviews without any further ado.

1.    Elmer’s All-Purpose School Glue Sticks: Best All Purpose Glue Stick for 3D Printing

best glue stick for 3D printing

Elmer’s glue sticks are known for impressive performance and quality. All-Purpose School Glue Sticks is one of their most popular products. The multipurpose glue has applications in a variety of environments such as 3D printers and projectors.

It can bond well on a wide range of surfaces including foam board, paper, plastic, and cardboard to name a few. Therefore, you can confidently use it for 3D printing or other types of works. Similarly, your children can also apply it to their school projects.

The glue stick dries quite quickly after its application and is clear when dry as well.

The washable glue stick is very simple and safe to use. It is not detrimental to your health because it is devoid of all kinds of toxins and acids. Therefore, you and your children can use it with complete peace of mind. It is not like ordinary glue sticks that result in clumping or deliver undesirable results.

Best Features

  • It is multifunctional
  • You can use it on a wide range of surfaces and settings
  • Does not have any acids and toxins and thus, save to use
  • Clear when dry
  • It is washable

2.    UHU Stick Permanent Clear Application: Most Popular Glue Stick in the World

best glue stick for 3D printing

UHU stick is one of the best adhesives for 3D printing without any doubt. The best-in-class glue is not only easy to use but it excels on a wide range of surfaces such as photos. It won’t ruin your photos like some other adhesives and glues.

The acid-free glue is easy and safe to use. That is why it is extremely popular among children and adults alike. You can use it for 3D printing as well as simple tasks like affixing your photos on paper.

You require only one layer of glue if you use the UHU stick for 3D printing. The strong and permanent glue is reliable and ensures prints don’t have wrinkles and clumps.

The washable glue helps you keep your hot bed clean and organized. The cap of the glue stick does not dry compared to some other sticks because of its innovative design.

Best Features

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Works well on different surfaces
  • Acid-free glue
  • Doesn’t ruin your photos
  • Strong and permanent
  • Washable
  • Dries quickly without any wrinkles
  • Innovative cap design

3.    Avery Glue Stick White Washable: Strong and Permanent 3D Printer Adhesive

best glue stick for 3D printing

Avery Glue Stick White minimizes wrinkles and clumps by going smoothly on the build plate. Therefore, it is a great option for 3D printing. It bonds properly to a myriad of surfaces such as glass, fabric, foam board, cardboard, photos, and papers.

It is also easy as an ABC to apply the glue stick to the surface. Another thing that makes it the best glue stick for 3D printing is that it sticks exactly where you want to.

The versatile glue stick can impart a new life to your 3D prints. However, it has a variety of applications such as school and office assignments and DIY projects at home.

The adhesive is strong but also washes away with water easily. Therefore, you can remove it instantly altogether or clean the surface for another task or layer. It doesn’t require much effort to remove the glue from all types of fabrics as well.

Finally, Avery Glue Stick is quite affordable despite having all the above qualities.

Best Features

  • Does not clump or shrink
  • Works well on a variety of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and permanent
  • Easily washable with water
  • Safe for children
  • Cheap to buy

4.    Magigoo All-in-One 3D Printer Adhesive Glue: Best Glue for 3D Printing PLA

best glue stick for 3D printing

Magigoo is the ideal choice when it comes to easy application on a wide range of surfaces. It is a child’s play to use this glue. You can apply it to the surface by gently shaking and pressing the stick. No other glue stick is as easy to use as this one.

What makes it stand out is the fact that you only need to apply it to a specific area instead of the whole bed. Therefore, it is economical and the best glue stick for 3D printing as well. Only a small amount of glue will hold your printers quite effectively.

The glue stick releases easily once the build plate cools downs. It does not cause wrinkles and clumps like some cheaper glues. Similarly, you can easily wash away the glue if you want to apply another layer or your job is finished.

One stick can last for up to 100 prints, making it one of the most affordable glues for 3D printing.  Magigoo doesn’t have any toxins and acids and therefore, is quite safe and comfortable to use. The lack of toxic odor or fumes allows you to use it indoors as well.

Best Features

  • Easy and safe application
  • Works well on different surfaces
  • Economical and long-lasting
  • Easy release
  • Easy to wash
  • safe and comfortable to use

5.    Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks: Best 3D Printer Glue for Clean Printing

As the name suggests, Elmer’s purple glue stick is crystal clear when dry and does not leave any stains or marks on the bed. Apart from easy and clean bonding, the glue stick is very cheap and long-lasting as well. It comes in a box of 60 sticks that can serve you for a long time.

It dries instantly and you can clearly see the surface beneath it. The application of the glue stick is easy and fun. Both children and adults can use it conveniently for their respective projects be it is a school assignment or a 3D printing model.

The glue stick does not contain any acids and toxins. Similarly, it is photo-safe meaning it will not destroy your photos. Therefore, you can use it for a wide range of projects without worrying about undesirable stains and marks.

Best Features

  • It does not leave stains on the surface
  • Dries quickly and is clear when dry
  • It lasts for a long time
  • Inexpensive adhesive for 3D printing
  • Application is fun and easy
  • Non-toxic glue stick
  • Acid-free and photo-save

6.    FYSETEC 3D Printer Glue Sticks: Best Specialized 3D Printer Glue Stick

You must go for FYSETEC 3D Printer Glue Sticks if you are looking for specialized glue sticks for 3D printing. It is one of the most popular adhesives for 3D printing and for good reasons.

It is the specialized printer glue primarily for its ability to perform exceptionally well on hot beds. It does not produce residue or toxic fumes when placed on hot surfaces, unlike some other glues. As a result, it is a breeze to use it for 3D printing, making working easier and more enjoyable.

FYSETEC glue stick is easy to apply and clean. You can wash the glue away with water quite easily. Although it is made for 3D printing, your children can also safely use it for their school projects.

Another great feature of the glue is that it is long-lasting, allowing you to have up to 100 prints. You only need one layer of glue for multiple prints because of its high efficiency on a heated plate.

Best Features

  • Works exceptionally well on 3D printer hot beds
  • Doesn’t produce residues or toxic fumes when heated
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Lasts for 100 prints

How to Buy the Best Glue Stick for 3D Printing?

You need to keep a few things in mind while buying a glue stick for 3D printing.

Easy to Use

As mentioned above, the glue stick should be easy to use. It must not wreak havoc on your prints and leave stains and marks behind. Similarly, it should not cause any kind of wrinkles and clumps.

It should not be problematic for a glue stick to provide layers for multiple prints as well. It is also desirable for the glue stick to have a simple and easy to understand manual or instructions.

Easy to Clean

Always go for the water-soluble glue stick for 3D printing. Such glue sticks are easier to clean and wash. Moreover, the adhesive should not remain active once the printer bed cools down. The glue only needs to work as long as you are printing.


Glue sticks of the highest quality may be expensive to buy but they tend to be economical in the long run. For example, a good glue stick can last for up to 100 prints, saving you a lot of money and time. Similarly, it gets the job done even if you use only a small amount without any failure, reducing overall printing costs for you. You can also use a single layer from some glues for multiple prints without needing to wash it away or to apply a new layer for the next print.


A PVA glue stick applies to a variety of surfaces ranging from fabric to plastic, photos, cardboard, foam board, paper, and wood, etc. The adhesive should be useful for other tasks even though its primary function is to prevent clumps and wrinkles as well as printer failure. For example, your children can use it for their school assignments. It is always nice to have a single glue stick for all kinds of tasks.


There is numerous glue stick brands on the market. Obviously, some of them offer better and high-quality products compared to others. The best brands in the 3D printing market such as Magigoo, Avery, UHU, Elmer, and FYESTEC create glue sticks that not only last longer but are also safe and easy to use. We recommend sticking to reputable brands only if you want to take your 3D prints to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What are the advantages of using 3D glue sticks?

3D glue sticks are easy to clean and wash and don’t leave ugly residues such as in the case of tape behind. Similarly, they are easy to apply and simple to use. It is also very convenient to remove prints if you have used glue sticks as an adhesive.

2.     Can you use a normal glue stick for 3D printing?

Yes, you can use normal glue sticks like UHU stick for 3D printer.

3.     Does PETG stick to glass?

PETG sticks quite effectively and easily to bare glass without requiring adhesives such as tapes. It is also more sensitive than PLA when it comes to cooling.

4.     What should be the temperature of the bed for PLA?

Even though the recommended temperature for PLA is 70°C the best temperature range for PLA is from 55°C to 70°C.

5.     Do you need to reapply the glue stick after every print?

A layer of glue stick can last for one to five printers on most occasions. Some people even claim that you don’t need to reapply a layer before 10 prints. However, you need to apply it continuously to provide adequate adhesiveness to the prints.

Final Thoughts

Using the best glue stick for 3D printing will not only result in high-quality prints but you can also save a considerable amount of money and time while completing your tasks. Therefore, you should only use glue sticks from reputable brands such as Elmer and Magigoo if you want the absolute best results.

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