How to choose the Right Law School for your Bachelors of Law?

The decision to choose the right law school for your Bachelors of Law can be a daunting task. And if you do not choose well, the best years of your life can easily become the worst.

There are many universities in Pakistan; but choosing which one is the best fit for you depends on a number of key points. By taking into account, each of the following things, you can find the best law school to do your Bachelors of Law.

1- Faculty


The role of faculty is crucial in student’s learning and grooming. Students engage more and learn better where faculty members of use active and collaborative learning techniques. When teachers focus on cognitive activities and value-enriching experiences, student interaction is ten times higher as compared to lecture-style teaching. Choose a law school where the faculty loves to employ innovative teaching methodologies.

2- ALumni Network


Alumni are basically brand ambassadors of the law school/university they graduated from. Therefore, you should research about the alumni network of the institution that you are applying for. Strong Alumni Associations help in mentoring new students and in sharing best practices in the respective fields. They give you hands-on insights about the program and institution based on their own experiences. Thus, making it a strong point of consideration in your decision to choose the school/university.

3- Experiential learning


The best education is that which can be implemented practically. Experiential learning allows you to grasp concepts and topics more thoroughly. For the LLB program, practical skills are equally important. Therefore, before deciding on which school/university to apply for, it is important to focus on the teaching methodology prevalent at the institution.

4- Extracurricular & recreational activities


Universities organize extra-curricular activities on a regular basis as they help to highlight students’ hidden strengths and passions. Recreational activities give the students an opportunity to bond with one another and their teachers in a light environment. These activities also showcase the organization’s ethos and values which are an important factor to take into consideration.

5- Fee structure


Fee Structure is also an important point to keep an eye on while deciding where to pursue your bachelor of law. If you are tight on budget, then you need to compare the fee structure of your shortlisted educational institutes carefully. This will help you gauge the offerings of each university/school against the amount being paid.

6- Market reputation


While doing research, it always helps to check the market reputation of the institute/law school you wish to study. Reviews, Comments and feedback on social pages is a good starting point to understand the institute from the customer’s perspective. 

We hope that these few pointers will make this decision easier for you. Do check out our admission policy and fee structure if you wish to apply at Denning Law School.

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