How To Select The Best University Admissions Consultant For You

Navigating the university admissions process by yourself can be incredibly difficult! To alleviate some of the burdens, many families choose to engage an expert or what is commonly known as a ‘university admissions consultant’. As students enter their last two years of secondary school and begin to navigate the complex application process, many find it hard to balance grades and extracurriculars, while simultaneously working out how to stand out above the often fierce competition. Using a university admissions consultant can make this process a whole lot simpler and, if you choose the right counselling service, boost your chances of acceptance to a top college significantly. If you are wondering how to choose the right university admissions consultant for you, read on to find out!

What is a University Admissions Consultant?

A university admissions consultant is an independent expert on the university admissions process. Admissions consultants can offer various services, ranging from helping students with admissions paperwork, keeping them on top of deadlines, and ensuring aspiring secondary school students are hitting all the necessary requirements to be eligible for admission to their top universities. However, each university admissions consultant is a little different – you can’t find any two that are the same. Unlike school guidance counsellors, who often take a “one size fits all” approach, university admissions consultants tend to be a little more specialised.

Benefits of a University Admissions Consultant

Enlisting an admissions consultant can offer families a myriad of benefits, depending on what they are looking for. Perhaps the most significant benefit parents and students can derive from admissions consultants is that they will suit your needs and aid you in the required areas. Admissions consultants can help students play up their strengths in the admissions process, identify and improve upon their weaknesses and expose them to universities the student may not have initially considered.

While most families may be wary of the cost involved in engaging a university admissions consultant, it is essential to note that good consultancies, like Crimson Education, craft individual programs for each student — based on that student’s needs and goals. Good consultancies understand that EVERY student is different and should be valued and supported.

Furthermore, university counselling can benefit all types of students, no matter their goals. Our student success page demonstrates how our university consultancy services have exponentially increased applicants’ chances of admission to several top universities. Our range of services ensures that our students leave no stone unturned in the application process, maximising their academic candidacy (e.g., via SAT and subject tutoring), extracurricular candidacy, and essay writing expertise.

How to Choose a University Admissions Consultant

Enlisting the help of a university admissions consultant can significantly influence your chances of admission for the better. So, what exactly should you be looking for in an admissions consultant? Here are eight tips for choosing the right consultant for you

1. Figure out your goals

Know exactly what you want to get out of partnering with a university admissions consultant, and ensure that they can meet the goals you have in mind.

2. Check out the services they provide

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when deciding upon the right university admissions consultant for you.

3. Consider the structure of your college admissions support

Consider a consultancy service that builds a team of experts around you over one that expects one counsellor to cover every aspect of the application.

4. What resources are you looking for?

Decide what resources you want at your disposal when working with a university admissions consultant, and make sure that they can offer these resources (eg: support with research, internships, nuanced essay support).

5. Their expertise

Make sure the university admissions consultant you are considering has a breadth of knowledge and several years of proven experience in the university admissions field.

6. Do some research

Check the website of a university admissions consultancy and make sure to read any success stories they have included. Do they have actual images and quotes from real students? How do their students’ admissions rates compare to that of the general population?

7. Check out their reviews

Look for reviews of the university admissions consultancy service you are considering.

8. Book a free consultation

Finally, make sure to book a consultation! Crimson offers free one-hour university strategy meetings to prospective students, during which one of our expert Academic Advisors will provide a personalised assessment of your candidacy.

Questions to Ask Your University Admissions Consultant

Enlisting the support of a university admissions consultant can be a life-changing decision, but it can also involve a financial investment. Since university consulting is not regulated, you should check for red flags when choosing a university admissions consultant. Below is a list of some questions you should ask your prospective counselling service:

  • What is your background, and how long have you worked in university admissions?
  • How many students have you worked with, and what is the pattern of their success?
  • What sorts of counsellors will I work with? What are their background and expertise?
  • How do you assist students with their university application in areas besides test scores and school grades, such as extracurriculars and essay crafting?
  • Are you a member of the NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counseling) and/or IACAC (International Association of College Admissions Counseling)?

Where Can you Find the Right University Admissions Consultant for You?

With a vast array of resources at our fingertips and a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, Crimson can help students reach their university admissions goals. We provide a variety of services, ranging from admissions support to online tutoring, extracurricular mentoring, and essay review. We also offer research opportunities (with top school professors) via our Crimson Research Institute and the opportunity to intern at companies like Uber or Weiss Management via Crimson Careers. Our students are over 4.5x more likely to gain admission to the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge, and other top universities — a statistic we attribute to our hard-working students and the dedicated teams that support them.

If you are ready to learn more — and discover how Crimson can help you gain admission to some of the world’s most competitive universities, you can book a free university strategy meeting by clicking on the link below.

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