How to view and manage Hulu watch history

Hulu is a popular video streaming site owned by Walt Disney Company and Comcast, which is regarded as one of the prime competitors of Amazon Prime and Netflix. For just $6.99 a month you can enjoy movies and popular TV shows from around the world.


Like its competitors Hulu allows users to access and manage watch history. You can customize the home screen based on the watching history too. In this guide, we are addressing how to access and manage Hulu watch history step by step.

How to view Hulu watch history?

To check your watch history on Hulu go to Keep watching collection from the Home screen. Then scroll down to the bottom and select All watch history to find all movies and shows you have recently watched. If you can’t find it on the mobile app probably look it up on a computer.

Hulu could have made it a little easier because for some users the keep watching section is an overlay pop-up with no other links than movie thumbnails.

Under the Keep Watching collection, you can continue watching movies from where you left them. AS easy as clicking on the particular half-watched movie to continue from where it last paused or closed.

How to check previously watched individual episodes

If you are looking for recently watched individual episodes the keep watching collection won’t be able to find that for you. Keep watching collection only features the movies & shows (as a whole) that are recently watched.

To be able to track individual episodes,

  • First visit the detail page of the series.
  • Expand the three dots near the Details button.
  • Select add to my stuff.

Then track the episodes on My stuff. My stuff hub will show you how many episodes you have left to watch for specific saved series. According to your watching activity, the episode status will change and when you complete watching all the available episodes the series will disappear from my stuff.

On Hulu, you can use the badges and progress bar to identify what you have watched and what hasn’t.

How to remove your Hulu watch history

Since Hulu automatically adds the movies and shows to your watch history you only have to remove shows from your watch history sometimes. It was a necessary feature for users to have control over their watch history. To remove movies and shows from Hulu watch history follow these steps:

For Hulu web (desktop users):

  • Open and log in to your account.
  • Then navigate to Keep watching the collection.
  • Hover on a movie/show thumbnail to get more info and options.
  • You will see an X icon, click on that to remove the movie or show to remove from you watch history.
  • Click on done to complete removal or undo for revert the process.

For Hulu Mobile App Users:

  • Open the Hulu app on your phone.
  • Navigate to Keep Watching, then tap on All Watch History.
  • Tap on the three dots on the movie/show thumbnail to open options menu.
  • Tap on Remove from watch history.
  • Confirm your action or tap on cancel to undo.

For Hulu TV Users:

  • Open Hulu app on your smart TV.
  • Then navigate to the movie/show detail page.
  • The select manage movie or manage sunrise.
  • Then select remove from watch history to remove the movie or serise.
  • Make sure to confirm your action to complete the action.

How to delete all watch history from your Hulu account

You can clear and reset all Watch History for all profiles connected to your account. Note that you won’t find the Remove from Watch History feature if you navigate through all Watch History on

Follow these steps to delete all watch history:

  • Visit on your PC.
  • Login to your account.
  • Then nevigate to the account tab.
  • Under Privacy and Settings, select California privacy rights.
  • Then under Manage Activity, go to Watch History and then click on Clear Selected.

Still can’t access Hulu watch/manage history?

There could still be trouble viewing or managing Hulu watch history because of changes on the Hulu app or website. It could be you have skipped or not followed thoroughly the steps. Make sure to recheck the steps or check on the Hulu community section.

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