20 Games Like PUBG for Battle Royale Fans

Battle Royale games like PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) took the world by storm in recent years. They shot their way into FPS game fans’ hearts through the intense competition and action they bring. Until now, Battle Royale games are the thing, be it in mobile gaming or eSports. No wonder more titles emerged and continue to follow PUBG’s footsteps to expand their fan base.

In this roundup, we show you the best PUBG-like games. We’ll go through the entries with playable mobile versions first, then proceed to the ones for PC and consoles.

Battle Royale Games Like PUBG That Are Action-Packed

1. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a multiplatform game like PUBG
Photo from Yahoo News Singapore

Let’s start with Apex Legends, the talk of the town due to its official mobile release that’s on the horizon. Looking back at its early days on PC and console, Apex Legends snuck in with almost no promotional fluff. Respawn Entertainment only sponsored several streamers to promote the game and show it to the world on the very day of its release. Safe to say, the gamble paid off. Nowadays, Apex Legends is one of the most interesting and skill-intensive Battle Royale games. And it seems it is going to pull off another amazing feat as it expands its platforms.

In the game, you get to choose your Legends, including some interesting characters which are on the paywall. Your main mission is to fight on the battlefield in teams to be crowned champions. Each Legend has a passive, active, and ultimate ability they can use to change the battlefield and deal or receive beneficial and detrimental effects. You have to be tactical and keen to fight to the finish. Remember, each moment may be your last for that match. Nonetheless, nothing is stopping you to get better at Battle Royale games so try until you become the last man or team standing.

Stay up-to-date about Apex Legends Mobile’s Play Store availability via the button below. If you play on iOS, you will have to wait for the App Store link because it’s not yet up as of this writing.

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2. Fortnite Battle Royale

Headshots can lead to an instant kill
Photo from Epic Games

When Epic Games saw how successful PUBG got, it wanted a piece of the Battle Royale games market but didn’t know how to do so. It had a plan, though — use a game it already developed and add another mode into it. The result was Fortnite Battle Royale. It was supposed to be an alternative mode to Fortnite’s Save the World, the original version of the game. The popularity of that Battle Royale mode made Fortnite a welcome addition in Epic’s perspective.

Graphics-wise, Fortnite is more cartoony compared to the more serious and military-oriented PUBG. But it remains the staunchest competitor of PUBG among Battle Royale games. That is due to the gameplay letting players equip all sorts of Fortnite guns and destroy everything but the ground to build structures. To elaborate, there can be exciting “build fights” where players duke it all out while creating barriers, towers, and walkways. All of those make it easier to surprise each other with shots or cause fall damage. If you are not a sharpshooter, that is a worka\round to win. Alternatively, you can check out our article on how to get better at Fortnite.

Apart from PC and console, Fortnite Battle Royale is also available on Android via the official Epic Games website.


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3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a hit Battle Royale game like PUBG
Photo from Garena Mobile Private on Google Play Store

Call of Duty: Mobile is a treat for fans of the Call of Duty PC and console series wishing the game can be played on the go. Its gameplay is patterned after many Battle Royale games; land on the map, find and use the best gun in COD Mobile, and survive the harsh battlefield by eliminating other shooters while the play area gets smaller. It’s really the nostalgia of the series it is inspired from that hooked gamers into the action of the mobile version.

Proof of the Battle Royale game’s success is its mobile community taking the matches seriously, apart from its millions of downloads. Some players even study how to use a Call of Duty Mobile controller to outlast their opponents in-game.

Want to jump into the Call of Duty: Mobile action? Get it on your gadget now.

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4. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival
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After the rise of PUBG, there were many other knockoffs that rose to follow it. One of the successful ones until now is Rules of Survival. Hailing from NetEase Games, RoS comes in the same caliber as PUBG and other popular Battle Royale games. The one thing that sets it apart from many of its rivals in its early days is that it can be played on mobile.

You read it right; you can play RoS on Android and iOS and it’s pretty amazing. Sure, the controls can get a bit wonky and aiming becomes a pain sometimes, but overall? The game is worth it. It brought the Battle Royale genre to the mobile market, and the rest is history.

Currently, RoS is also available on Steam, which is a plus for PC users. On the official mobile stores, Rules of Survival is available for free with in-app purchases.

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5. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a like a prehistoric PUBG game
Photo from Studio Wildcard on Google Play Store

Let’s take a break from guns for a while with ARK: Survival Evolved. It is one of the exciting games like PUBG but is prehistoric because there are dinosaurs in it. You’ll probably find this on your bucket list later because who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

The PUBG elements the game adopts are the goal of survival, hundreds of players to team up or compete with, and the tactics needed during playthroughs.

ARK: Survival Evolved is already made available on mobile instead of only on PCs and consoles.

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6. Civilization VI: Red Death

Civilization 6: Red Death
Photo by Strategy Gamer

Battle Royale games like PUBG usually let 100 players combat each other in a limited map. The participants fight for resources and weapons and kill each other to achieve total victory. Civilization VI takes those aspects in and “spices” those up.

Available as a free expansion to Civilization VI, the game pits 12 players into a map with a shrinking circle. The twist? You have to kill all the other player’s squadrons and civilians in order to become the civilization to be carted off into an orbiting space station. And while the game might be a bit sluggish at first, the map is big after all. That means you might not see another player’s units until the circle shrinks enough. For sure, the urgency and danger will ramp up when you’re crammed in a small place with more than four opposing players. That’s when the gunfire will spray all over the place and nukes will be fired left, right and center.

Overall, Civilization VI: Red Death is a fun way to pass the time and a pretty cool expansion in the Civilization games. Here’s hoping we get an innovation in other games as well.

Interested? Civilization VI is available on Steam and its Red Death expansion pack is downloadable for free if you already have the former. If you want to experience the base game on mobile first, check out the buttons below.

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7. Minecraft – The Hunger Games Servers

Raids lets you get a status effect that lowers trading prices
Photo by Adrian Östergård from Minecraft.net

Minecraft’s been around for a very long time and it has quite a history, pioneering the modern-day sandbox genre.

What about it makes it qualified to be among the best games like PUBG? The answer is Minecraft being cross-platform and it having servers inspired by The Hunger Games — thanks to the gaming community. Taking inspiration from the hit survival film series, the latter lets online players experience Battle Royale games’ core mechanics within Minecraft.

How come those servers became popular, you ask? Minecraft’s gameplay somehow fits the said genre. Even though there aren’t any guns, you have Minecraft bows, swords, and tridents as your main killing weapons. Also, you have Minecraft armor to mitigate the damage. Whether you craft or kill your way to victory, it’ll be up to you. After all, what is important is you get the odds in your favor.

Minecraft is available on almost all mainstream platforms, including mobile.

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8. Garena: Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is like PUBG but with pets and other new perks
Photo from Garena International on Google Play Store

Almost everything about Garena: Free Fire screams PUBG. But what makes it unique nowadays is the addition of pets that can aid you in your efforts for victory. The mobile game will also somehow remind you of the pets in Among Us or the palicoes of Monster Hunter.

Garena: Free Fire also touts that it is light to play, primarily because of the number of players (50 versus PUBG’s 100). Therefore, it is great if you want to play something similar to PUBG but do not have much time on your hands. Additionally, the game is free with optional purchases.

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9. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground is like Minecraft and PUBG combined
Photo from Azur Interactive Ltd on Google Play Store

Upon seeing its name and graphics, you will already know what might have been the inspiration behind Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground. The game resembles PUBG and Minecraft.

Despite seeming to borrow elements from the said two games, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground falls nothing short of what is expected from Battle Royale games. It is competitive, with time and map restrictions. Nonetheless, you can arm yourself in-game through more than 30 weapons or change your getup through the available skins.

The mobile game is free, but you can purchase things in-app if you want more fun.

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10. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a cartoony Battle Royale game
Photo from Futureplay on Google Play Store

Don’t let the cute 3D art style of Battlelands Royale make you not play seriously. The game might look like something that is for kids, but it is challenging once you try it.

Just like other games similar to PUBG, Battlelands Royale has the same mechanics. You have to drop off the area, then eliminate competitors while not being engulfed by the shrinking battlefield. There are also many types of loot to discover while playing.

Get your hands on this free mobile game with in-app purchases as soon as you can. It’s worth it.

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11. ARMA 3: PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod

ARMA 3: PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod
Photo from Gamebyte

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we? Back when PUBG was still a brainchild, PlayerUnknown was playing ARMA. He loved it so much so that he made mods for it.

One of the mods combines the hyper-realism of ARMA’s gunplay, with the tension from and love for the Battle Royale games genre. Playing it, you go in alone against everyone and you need to survive. The experience is tense, exciting, and above all, very competitive. The mod gave FPS game fans back then a little taste of what’s to come, and it was a very good taste.

ARMA 3: PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod is available for PC via Steam.

Download on Steam


12. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is as good as the mobile battle royale
Photo from callofduty.com

If you liked Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll also love its counterpart for PC and console — Call of Duty: Warzone.

Needless to say, the gameplay of Warzone is nearly the same as its mobile counterpart. But why are players drawn to this game, too? To give you one of the popular reasons, it is because FPS gamers love the traditional mouse-and-keyboard combo on PC or gamepad for console. It is easier to aim and shoot your weapon and evade gunfire using those accessories compared to touch controls.

You might have the same opinion once you try the game. Get it from the Call of Duty webpage today.

Download for PC or Console


13. Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is among the games like PUBG with a twist
Photo from Ring of Elysium on Twitter

Tencent joined the rise of the Battle Royale games genre with Ring of Elysium. Once a mobile game like Rules of Survival, Ring of Elysium moved to PC for a revamped experience.

Gameplay-wise, it follows the classic Battle Royale format but adds better graphics and a detrimental environment. That’s right — the environment in the game will kill you if you’re not careful. Firing back isn’t the only way to win against others and the surroundings. You can use extreme sports like BMX and snowboarding to defeat everyone in a pretty sick way.

All in all, Ring of Elysium is a cool Battle Royale game to sink your teeth into if you have the time. You can get it for PC from Steam, per the official website.

Download on Steam


14. GTA Online: Motor Wars

GTA Online: Motor Wars
Photo from US Gamer

Love riding vehicles to run over opponents in Battle Royale games? If yes, you will like GTA Online: Motor Wars, too. It’s similar to games like PUBG we already featured here, but with some twists.

For one, you already know that you use automobiles as a primary method to kill players here. Another is that there are weapons mounted on the vehicles. Coupled with the physics systems in GTA, you can expect some pretty wild stunts to be possible while you are getting shot to pieces or blown to bits. Honestly, these features by themselves make the game a fun prospect for you and your friends who want to blow stuff to high heaven. And if these are what you’re looking for in a Battle Royale indeed, the game is perfect for you.

GTA Online: Motor Wars is accessible via the online configurations within GTA V on PC and console. So, you have to get the base game first to experience the vehicle Battle Royale craze.

Download GTA V on Steam


15. Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 is among the games like PUBG with a post-apocalyptic setting
Photo from Daybreak Game Company on Steam

Zombie Battle Royale game H1Z1 is now known as Z1 Battle Royale, but it retains its post-apocalyptic survival tension. The classic gameplay mechanics stay for you still need to jump into the battlefield, hoard the best weapons, and kill anyone coming your way. Also, you need to keep an eye on the map because of the toxic gas spreading and making areas inaccessible. 

Z1 is slated for a mobile release. But if you want it as early as now, you can get the PC or console version first.

Download on Steam


16. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
Photo by LivestreamFails

If parodies are what you’re looking for, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is for you. The game might not take itself seriously in any capacity, but it’s all for the sake of good fun and gameplay.

Ragdoll physics are a thing in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, so you might just send your opponents (and yourself) flying with a misplaced hand grenade. But all in all, it is a solid game and experience if you want to dip into the Battle Royale games genre.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is available for PC.

Download on Steam


17. Rust: Battle Royale

Rust: Battle Royale
Photo from Postcount.net

Like some of the entries here, Rust: Battle Royale is an add-on to its base game that many players have been waiting for.

Its creation makes a twisted kind of sense. After all, Rust is about being dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your birthday suit and with the need for survival. Sometimes you whack some poor unlucky shmuck in the same server with a rock. Other times you kill with a primitive assault rifle. It was only a matter of time before someone would put two and two together and create a server dedicated to this kind of thinking in mind.

But when that finally happen? Well, a bloodbath was understating the whole thing. The game became more fun, challenging, and very engaging. You’ll be spending a lot of time in it if it is your cup of tea.

The Battle Royale add-on can be enjoyed on PC and console if you have the Rust game.

Download Rust on Steam


18. Spellbreak

Photo from GameCrate

If you’re tired of the usual gunplay from other games like PUBG in this list, Spellbreak is your breath of fresh air. The game is one of the most innovative and challenging Battle Royale games to ever come out.

Gameplay-wise, it’s like most entries we have showcased. But instead of guns, you get spells and draw power from a mana pool. Moreover, the movement gets a big emphasis for you have to dodge spells cast by other mages, making the game frenetic.

If you want a change of pace from the usual Battle Royale games out there, Spellbreak is the game to go. The game is obtainable for PC from the Epic Games Store.

Download for PC


19. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys might not be as serious as PUBG but it is fun
Photo from Mediatonic on Steam

Fall Guys is yet another game like PUBG that does not involve guns, but it is a 100% fun and funny Battle Royale game you should not miss.

The main goal is technically the same as PUBG — eliminate everyone to be the last (quirky) guy standing. We said quirky because of the funny characters and costumes you can use. Also, the colorful stages with obstacles you have to get through are made unique every season of the game.

Buy the game now if you want to join the fun via a PC or console.

Download on Steam


20. Surviv.io

Photo from Microsoft

Surviv.io is a browser-based barebones Battle Royale game. It’s surprisingly fun even with minimalistic graphics.

In the game, you start at a random location and have to destroy things to get weapons and ammunition. But after that, what’s next? It’s killing time. Surviv.io is somehow like a race to 1st place and everyone playing it is your enemy. All in all, the game is worth trying alone or with a group of friends.

Suviv.io can be experienced for free directly on any web browser.

Play Surviv.io

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