The First Electric Ferrari Will Hit The Market In 2030

After repeatedly announcing its intention to wait for adequate propulsion technologies for a Prancing Horse supercar, the Maranello-based company has set a date for the first car without a thermal engine in its history.

The details, at the moment, are not many, but John Elkann, president of Ferrari, announced that in the first half of 2022, when the Capital Markets Day is organized to update the business plan and unveil the new product strategy, will give more information about the future electric range.

electrical range.

During the usual call with analysts for the presentation of the 2020 budget, Elkann assured that Ferrari will have a 100% electric car in its range within a few years.

In a decade we will see a 100% electric Ferrari, we want to see it.

John Elkann.

In the past, the Maranello leadership had reiterated that the manufacturer would begin to consider an electric model only when the technology was capable of guaranteeing performance worthy of a Rossa, stating that the first 100% electric Ferrari would arrive “after 2025”, although without specifying dates.

The development of powertrains and work to reduce the weight of batteries have made giant strides in the last period and this may have convinced the Prancing Horse to set a date, albeit a vague one, for the debut of its zero-emission sports car..

Although Elkann did not provide further information, other executives had previously revealed some details about the brand’s electric intentions.

In December 2019, the old Louis Camilleri announcement, confirming the arrival of hybrid technology on all models, had spoken of an electric Gran Turismo, whose project was still in doubt due to battery technology, at that time considered immature. to be used in a Maranello sports car.

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